Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scheming, Conniving, Lying Bloggers


I love them and I mean that from the bottom of my unmanicured toes.

I shared with you all a week ago the recent struggles and conundrums that are taking place in Weaselville and the problems that arise in our daily lives because of them.  I vented.  I threw a tissy fit.  I released some pressure from the valve of my own fragile psyche.  I got it out.

I also got trolled because of it.

However, that didn't bother me, because A.)  I have way too many other things on my plate to make room for such an ignorant entity.  2.)  Y'all had my back in such a way that it wasn't even able to be a distraction to me.  You, my dear friends and readers were the most awesome mosquito repellent ever and surrounded me in a mystical cloud of hope and support, all the while protected me from annoying and itchy pests.

Y'all Rock.

Simultaneously, I received incredible amounts of love and understanding in the form of emails, skype chats and phone calls.  Friends to lift me up, offer a helping hand, an open ear and most of all, a compassionate place to vent.  You'll never know how much strength your encouragement and support gave me.

Meanwhile, some where plotting behind my back.  Cohorting with each other in the dark reaches of cyberspace to lend a practical helping hand to me.  This came in the form of gift cards to my local grocery store, from people that are in no better financial situation than I am.  People who lifted me up by their actions and caring words while they awed me with their generosity.  These are incredible people.

Then, I got a message from a fellow blogger and friend who has worn my shoes and been down my path.  From her experience and through her compassion she could offer me more than just empathy, but a complete understanding of the minute by minute trials that we are facing as a family.  She could offer me a solution to help our day to day lives get easier and may hold us over until the Smallest Weasel's treatment and medications are able to be effective (these things take a while to build up in a persons system and to find the right dosages, etc).

This fantabulous human being spent a minimum of 15 hours researching on the internet until she had found a link that she sent to me for Smallest Weasel to be able to order an Ionizing Personal Decontamination Unit online.  A unit that she can use to spritz down any surface, room, person or breathing area to rid them of any form of contamination from exposure to peanut butter or ranch dressing to germs.  A great new technology breakthrough that is so revolutionary it changes peoples lives.

When I received this link, I could barely wait for 6:30am to arrive so that I could show it to Smallest Weasel.  Smallest was so excited and relieved by the prospect of having such a tool in her arsenal that she was able to eat breakfast, get dressed and be in the car in time to go to school.

As of this morning, the product had shipped, but is not yet in her hands.  Still, just knowing that she will soon have it alleviated her stress level enough that we had a second morning in a row of low level drama and made it to school on time.

I wished time and time again for a magic wand to make life easier.  We all could use an easy button.  What I received in their stead was a chorus of Angels and a Fairy GodMother.  Far better than a button or a wand.

I am feeling so much better today and my life is a little easier.  It's all thanks to Scheming, Conniving, Lying, Wonderful Bloggers. 

I love this community and all the people that I come to know through it.

Thank You All!

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