Thursday, June 26, 2008


Okay, so I have a friend who is a single mom. We will call her Megan. She hadn't dated at all since her divorce a few years ago. Lots of her friends, including me, encouraged her to 'get out there'. So she went to e-harmony's website and filled out the profile stuff (about an hours worth) and when she got to the dreaded screen of time to pay she froze and saved it as it was. Every time we talked (daily) she hadn't done anything more.
So one afternoon Megan came over early to hang for a while before she and I were going out to dinner. Hubby would be home to feed the kids and all was good. We could go and have a nice Mom's night out. There would be no cutting up food for other people. Spilled drinks were not a worry. A peaceful meal would soon be at hand.
But before Hubby came home, I asked her about e-harmony again. And of course nothing had changed. So I put my foot down, like any good Mom would, and said that you are doing it right now! "I didn't bring my credit card" she protested. "So you will use mine and pay me later" I replied. And so it was done.
When we went to dinner, my cell phone battery was dying. So, I left it in the car. No big deal right?
Meanwhile at home, Hubby noticing that the are quiet decides that now is the perfect time to balance our checking account online. He does so only to find an e-harmony withdraw!!!! He tries to call me and ask about this expense, but my phone is in the car! Megan and I are enjoying girl time without the kids and taking our sweet time. No need to hurry, we are not going home until the kids are in bed asleep. "Yes waiter, we'll have another round"
Hubby is at home now frantically trying to call me. I won't answer, so I must be on a date with someone I met on e-harmony. She would never do that he thinks to himself. But the evidence is right in front of him and I won't answer my phone.
Eventually, Hubby calls Megan's Phone, to check in with my alibi, and ask if I am there. Of course I am, we are still finishing a round. Hubby sighs relief. Megan passes the phone and I almost wet my pants laughing about the whole situation.
Hubby feels silly after I explain and he begins laughing with Megan and I. When I get out to the car I have 16 missed calls, and the laughter starts all over again.

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Tom said...

Had to read this one to my wife. Made her spew her szechuan beef. I can certainly relate to your husband's panic!

Weaselmomma said...

glad you enjoyed it. Keep coming back for more.

Tom said...

Passing something along from NukeDad: if you would be so kind, please enable options on comment entry in addition to Google/Blogger and OpenID, for those like Nuke who don't have either of those options. You'll get more comments and traffic that way.

Weaselmomma said...

Thanks Tom, I am technically handicapped, but will get my tech team (Hubby and Eldest) right on it.

mister weasel said...

You forgot to mention the part where I was going through the E-harmony enrollment process,thinking "two can tap this little dance!".

nukedad said...

That is too funny. If he had seen a receipt for Victoria's Secret also, then you would have been in BIG trouble! How has it worked out for your friend? Has she met anyone through e-harmony yet?

Weaselmomma said...

Actually, "Megan" met and married someone from e-harmony. They are a total commercial. And for the entire story I have another pretty good blog post.

HIP_M0M said...

This story was Hilarious! Having just been in Megan's shoes, debating over the cost of signing up, I know what a dear friend you must be.

And what a forgiving man (albeit revengeful) Mr. Weasel is!

Vodka Mom said...

wait a minute. HOLD THE PHONE. Was that MR. WEASEL commenting?

If tightwad read my blog I would be DEAD. A DEAD WOMAN right now.


Vodka Mom said...

Frankly, I don't even think he KNOWS I have a blog.

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