Friday, June 27, 2008

We Should Install A Revolving Door

Our house is always chaos. But it is usually organized chaos. At least to some degree organized. With 5 kids and 2 pseudo-adults living here full time, that's really the best you could hope for. We also have managed to acquire a menagerie of pets. Two hamsters, three fire bellied toads, three cats and a housefly named 'Frankie'. All of the pets have proven themselves to be pretty useless but also fairly harmless.
At current we also have a dog as a house guest. A week and half ago a friend needed dog sitting for 3 days. She is still eating meals here and relieving herself in my yard. But we really don't mind. I will get a lot of of good blog posts out of the deal.
Now it's summertime and school's out. This is a great thing. I not only enjoy spending time with my kids, but summer is a lot easier than the school year. There are no lunches to make (it's survival of the fittest. If you can't find the pantry by now you'll never survive life in the real world), no homework to do and best of all a much more relaxed schedule. Thanks to this schedule I get my best summer perk of all. I can say 'YES'. Yes, your friend can come play, yes you can go play, yes you can have your friend sleep over. This pleases me. During the school year I am the Nazi Mom. No, no, no, do your homework, eat your dinner, no time to play, get in the car we are late for....insert sport here. Eat your breakfast, where's your papers, brush your teeth, don't use your toothbrush on the cat.......IT"S TIME TO GO!!!!!!!!
The downside to this summer free-for- all is that it's a free-for-all. Our home is constantly full of transients and could be confused for a homeless shelter. Complete with soup kitchen style meals. Trying to keep track of who's in, who's out, who's eating where and who is this kid eating out of the cats' dish.
When a neighbor can't find their child, they don't call 911 or the FBI, they call my house. It is now 8:30 am on a Saturday and surprisingly I am only stepping over 1 extra transient in the living room. By this afternoon, this place will look like we are having a frat party Animal House style. Very often Hubby (mister weasel himself) will be helping to serve a meal, tie shoes etc. When he makes eye contact with a child he suddenly realizes is not his own. "Who are you? What are you doing in my home? Did you pay the cover charge?"
I would actually make a fortune if I put a popsicle vending machine in my garage, or save a fortune if I put a padlock on my freezer. Putting in a revolving would also be money saving and how much fun would it be to let the dog out.

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