Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chicago With 1 S

Chicken In the Car cover Yes, I am back and better than ever, if I do say so myself.

I have many people and reasons to thank for it, but one woman in particular stands out in my my mind,  for more than 6 years of intensive research, work and planning, that have not only led to me crawling out from beneath my rock but has also reminded me of how good the sunshine feels on my face.

That woman is the fantabulous, Melisa with 1 S, also known as The Suburban Scrawl.  She has no idea of what a powerful and positive effect she has on me.  How does she inspire me?  What did she do to that pulled me out of my funk and back into one of the things that I take pure joy from in life, you ask?

She wrote a book In fact, it is her second book.  More about this fantabulous creation in a minute.

As part of the launch celebration of her labor of love, sweat and tears, she threw a party.  A party that she knew I could not possibly resist,  A party with an open bar.  for all of the love and friendship she has given to me.  I could not conceivably turn down the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate her success and triumph.   A party that placed me back in my element, among friends, old and new alike, that reminded me of what I have been missing out on while hiding under my rock.  She showed me once again, who I am and what I love.  She brought me back to writing and socializing with people that I enjoy.  She brought me back to myself.

I chatted with fellow bloggers and social media contacts that I consider friends.  I blossomed like a rose bush after a long winter and made a conscience decision to leave my hibernation.  Ya'll can thank or curse Melisa for that.

On top of everything else that this incredible author has done, she gave me a copy of her new book "Chicken In The Car And Th Car Won't Go".  OMW (OH MY WEASEL), this is an incredible guide to things to do and see in the Chicagoland area with teens and tweens.  Most travel guides and tips for the area are centered around families with small children and focus on petting zoos.  Melisa found a void when raising her own family and filled it!  This book is full of information on things that to see and do that tweens and teens will enjoy as much as their parents!

Not only is this a great and handy book to have if you live here there are so many  attractions in this book that I never even knew existed and are looking to have ways to fill the dog days of summer and build lasting memories with your family, this book is great for anyone with older children who are planning to vacation here.

With nearly 200 attractions listed by price, history, activity and location, there is surely something that everyone can agree on and have a blast doing.  She even includes tips on driving routes and mass transportation.  I know what my bible of Chicagoland activities is going to be this summer.

I have no idea how Melisa knew six years ago that she must take on the enormous effort of researching, compiling, editing, writing and launching this book in order to pull me out of my funk she didn't even know me when she started this process.  She must be a clairvoyant.  All I do know is that I am incredibly proud of her, amazed by her work and perseverance, but most of all, I am grateful to call her my friend.

I also know that I encourage you to buy a copy of her book, especially if you live in, around, anywhere near or plan on ever visiting the Chicagoland area.

Thank you,  Melisa.  I love you.

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