Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fun With Teachers

This past year 3 of the Weasels started at a new school. This was our families first experience with the public school system. They seemed to be adjusting fine and had already known many of the the other students from the neighborhood. Grades were good, socializing plentiful, so we had no concerns.

At the end of the first quarter came the parent teacher conferences meet the teacher extravaganza. Now Hubby and I tend to have a good time wherever we go, no matter how seemingly mundane, tonight was no different.

We enter the classroom of Middle Weasel and meet Mr. My-Voice-Has-Not-Changed-Yet. I had heard good things about him and knew he was young. But surely did not expect him to be this young. At the time there were other parents still milling around the classroom. So we walked around checking out the projects posted on the walls, etc. When Hubby points to a large poster on the wall and loudly announces from across the room "This is exactly what I was afraid of in public school. They are already teaching them about homophones in the 4th grade!" The teacher went silent and slack jawed for a moment before regaining some kind of composure, and attempted to continue small talk with other parents. I nearly went into convulsions I started laughing so hard. I had been sitting at our daughters desk snooping through things. A moment later Hubby joined me in the next desk over. We were now punchy and giddy to a point of making 4th graders look mature.

Mr. Teacher came over, obviously already set off balance with a little fear in his eyes, to greet us and immediately tells us what a character 'Nick' is and what a pleasure he is to have in class. Hubby is about to open his mouth when I kick him to keep quiet (we prey on fear). I start asking questions about how 'Nick' is getting along, completing assignments etc.. Mr. Teacher continues on about 'Nick' still with a little shake in his voice.

Finally Hubby goes for the jugular and asks "Why are you telling us this? (teacher has deer in the headlights expression) What does 'Nick' have to do with our daughter, Middle Weasel?" Mr. Teacher could not speak for a moment. He must of thought 'please let me wake up!' He then apologized as Hubby and I are doubled over laughing. I wiped a tear from my eye as he explained Hubby is sitting in 'Nick's' desk and he thought we were his parents. Then composed himself enough to tell us about Middle Weasel what a sense of humor she has, and now he understands where she gets it.

For the rest of the school year Mr. Teacher would get that 'Deer, Fear' look every time he saw us.

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Big Bad Daddy said...

We could party. That is hilarious. I have to ask, what was on the "Homophone" poster? I'm not a mean person, anyone who knows me knows this, but I'm told at a glance I can come across.....intimidating. It has it's advantages occasionally, like at the car dealership.

WeaselMomma said...

Only words and cartoon characters under the giant header of HOMOPHONES

Tom said...

I suppose they teach proper mastication in the lunch room, don't they? Shocking! Ha -- Michael's Mommy and I would have been right there having a laughing fit along with you both. Too funny! Keep those teachers on their toes!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could come over for a drink; you guys are FUNNY!! (and yes, that's "you guys." That's how we talk in these parts. Wisconsin parts, that is. I'm not sure where you're from.)

BusyDad said...

Mean! But I would do the same. And yeah, what's up with teachers distinguishing between gay and straight phones! They should all be treated equally.

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