Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Pitter Patter of Little Burglars

From the age of 8, Cal Ripken Jr. knew that sports was going to be his calling. Ron Howard threw his life into film making at age 5. Tiger Woods found himself passionate about the links at age 4. Arianna Huffington has been whining since early childhood. John and Matthew Farrer may have a promising future ahead of them indeed.

Toddlers Ransack Neighbor's House

That is the headline at These two enterprising toddlers managed to slip quietly out of their parents home and break into a neighbors house. The boys immediately sought out the items that toddlers place the highest value on, Teddy Grahms. These boys worked their way through the home quickly and quietly, as not to disturb the sleeping resident and moved onto toys and bunk beds. All the while evading the police and their parents who were searching frantically for them.

These kids are naturals! If they play their cards right and skip college in favor of lock smithing school, so many doors could open up for them.

Just think of the possibilities. With enough experience in breaking and entering they could open a security consulting firm. After all, who knows how to stop a thief better than professionals in the industry. They could even land their own reality T.V. gig.

In this case, I actually feel for the parents. Anyone who has ever raised a toddler knows that this could happen to anyone. Heck, I snuck out during my nap at age 2 and was brought home by a neighbor before my mom knew I was gone. My own kids have slipped into neighbors yards to play. Toddlers could give the Secret Service the slip if they are determined.

The aspect of this story that makes me laugh the most, and tells me that these kids have greatness within, is that the police were canvassing the neighborhood and didn't realize that a B&E was taking place right next door to where the search had started.

So as much as I agree New Dad Adam that speculating about future careers of the very young based on common traits is usually asinine. There is always the exception when true greatness shines at an early age. Good Luck Matthew and John.

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Oscar said...

Rugrats can be very creative I've learned. They learn REAL quick!

As a child I played with wood and nails. So my folks figured i'd be a carpenter, better yet an architect.

I work in Pharmaceuticals... Go figure.


RhondaLue said...

Good luck indeed! My kids are already professional escape artists at ages 3 and 4. and the 3 yr old slips into the neighbors house while police and helicopters scour the neighborhood in search of her. She may have a future career as well. lol

seashore subjects said...

Maybe they will go legit and work for the CIA or some other initial bearing agency! I think they recruit early.

Otter Thomas said...

Most adults fail at burglary. Just look how full the county jails are. These kids are destined for greatness.

Tom said...

This is why the locks on our home's exterior doors are all way up high. Otherwise Michael would grab the keys and take the minivan for a joyride some night while we're all sleeping.

Melisa with one S said...

Don't tell anyone, but my younger boy let himself out the front door at the age of about two. He crossed the street to see what was going on in a driveway where a bunch of guys in their late teens/early 20's were playing basketball.

A few minutes later (aw hell, I really don't know how much later it was, exactly. I can't even remember where in the house I was), my doorbell rang. It was my son, accompanied by one of the b-ball players. He said, "Is this yours?"

Talk about embarrassing...


de-I said...

Parents have as much control over their kids as rodeo riders do over Brahma Bulls.

surprised mom said...

And everyone wonders why Moms and Dads need eyes in the back of their heads. . . except Moms and Dads of toddlers! They can be entertaining and exasperating all at the same time. The Mister always said parenthood makes young people old.

terri said...

That would NEVER happen to me! When my kids were little they were NEVER out of my sight or off somewhere without my knowlege...

well... except for that one time when my middle son disappeared in the middle of one of the state's largest amusement parks. But we blame that one on my husband.

Texasholly said...

Holy crap! They are GOOOOOD! So funny...and scary at the same time.

Tara R. said...

I don't know which is funnier... the little cat burglars, or the police not noticing the B&E next door.

WeaselMomma said...

@ Oscar ~ College must have had a profound effect on your choice.

@ Rhonda ~ OH, That is too funny, not while it was happening though.

@ seashore ~ The good money is in the private sector.

@ Otter ~ Toddlers can be pretty good at stealth mode when they want to. That's why you will stop and investigate as soon there is no noise in the house.

@ Melisa ~ That's awesome!

@ de-I ~ Truer words have never been spoken (typed).

@ Surprised Mom ~ I could use even more sets of eyes.

@ Terri ~ Oh, no. I bet you'll never let him forget it either.

@ Texas ~ These 2 are all stars!

@ Tara ~ That's why I had to share it. It was all so funny.

Michelle said...

Wow. Poor parents. but man... now that those toddlers have a taste of the good life, what do you suppose they'll do next? :)

The Microblogologist said...

Reminds me of the time Niecey (2 years old I think) decided to take a stroll down the block pushing her stroller and wearing nothing but a diaper! Some nice couple saw her leave our yard and escorted her home, we were mortified at the time, I find it hilarious now, haha.

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