Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coasters, Kids and Chaos

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Okay, all set now? Well today's FatherHood Friday does not involve any Dads. I have been on vacation with the Weasels. We are visiting friends at a cottage on beautiful Lake Erie and Mr. Weasel had to stay home and work. My dear friend K is here with her kids and their Dad had to stay home and work too. We have been crying in our beer all week (enter sarcasm here).

Don't get me wrong, we miss the guys, but are grateful that they are working and grateful to get some much needed girl time together. Now onto the how this fits in with Fatherhood Friday.

It's all about the kids. And parenting. It fits, there just isn't any testosterone flowing in this weeks post.

Yesterday we two moms took 9 kids, count 'em, nine, to Cedar Point Amusement Park. That's right, the roller coaster capital amusement park. 2 moms + 9 kids + amusements = chaos.

We let the older kids off to do their thang while we went to the kiddie areas with the younger set. Monkey Weasel(9) fit somewhere in between and she came with us moms and we would try to fit in some intermediate rides too.

By default, I got to ride in spinning tea cup things and Ferris wheel, neither of which are my favorite activities. However, I got to ride them with 2 five year olds whose faces were alive with a rush of pure joy and adventure.

I got to take Monkey Weasel on "The Demon Drop". It's a strap you in, take you up high and free fall you to the ground, where they land you on your back. This was a new adventure for Monkey. It was the first time she was tall enough to try something that looked so scary. She didn't really like it, but liked that she had an adventure that was just hers and mine. I watched as she and the little ones did some kiddie rides and later she and I wound up in line for some crazy, upside down, hope you didn't just have lunch, kind of rides. That one she loved.

Later we switched around with groups of kids and I got to do some coasters with my dear friend K. It was great to have some mom/girlfriend time to ourselves, but as we rode the Iron Dragon roller coaster (that I love) I could not help but twinge with guilt because Monkey had been looking forward to riding it with me all day.

Monkey and I did eventually get to ride it together and I loved watching her face. I had the opportunity to ride different rides with most of the Weasels. Some rides I enjoyed, some not so much.

Eldest was really great about watching my back, both literally and figuratively. I have some nasty back/neck problems and she scouted all the coasters as my forward staff to let me know which ones I could do and which ones would ruin our day.

Eldest, Boy, Monkey and I waited together in line for The Raptor. Excitement was brewing as this would be the first Super Duper, upside down, big people coaster Monkey would be going on. That is until we were ready to ride and she was busted for being 1" to short to be able to ride. We wound up going to the antique cars where she got to drive instead.

As we were ready to leave for the night, due to complete fatigue and the park getting ready to close, we had one last stop. Middle Weasel had still not done the "you might just die by hitting the ground with a splat puke-in-ator. I hate this ride and always have. This ride scares me - and I don't scare easily. It always feels like it is ready to malfunction and kill you. Middle Weasel Loves it. I went with her. That was how we ended the day or so I thought.

On the drive back to the cottage, a fabulous driver 2 cars ahead of me slammed his brakes for no apparent reason. The driver in front of me stopped short. I stopped short. The guy in back of me tried to stop, to no avail. I got rear ended. Luckily it was just a bump. No damage to me or him except for a few minor paint scratches. I was too worn out to get worked up. We shook hands and went our separate ways.

To many of you this sounds like a day in purgatory or worse. Not me though, this was a wonderful day of pure joy spent watching the Weasels having a ball, being with friends and soaking it all in. I loved it and am sorry that Mr. Weasel missed out on seeing the smiles and the lighting up of eyes as all the new adventures transpired. I would puke all day to see those faces and I almost did.

Well today vacation is over and we will be trekking it home. It was all very wonderful but after a month of crazy running I am ready to get home and back to my regular blogging schedule. See ya in the funny papers.

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Michelle said...

I'm so glad to hear you're all ok! Bad driver :(

And Cedar Point? LOVE it there but haven't been since I was in college. The wee ones are wimps about rides, and I'm hoping that they'll someday grow out of it so I can have fun with them. Be grateful yours enjoy it.

And safe driving on the way home!

Anonymous said...

Aww! It sounds like you guys had a REALLY awesome vacation, and you got to spend a lot of one on one time with the weasels AND your friend. i hope you have an awesome weekend!


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

My hat is off to you; being on vacation and making a FF post? THAT is dedication!

Melisa with one S said...

You just like saying that you have "forward staff". :)

Glad you're having fun!

Bad Momma said...

You are a very brave woman. I'm not a fan of amusement parks, especially roller coasters & rides that jerk your body around. Glad to hear that no one (including your car) were seriously injured. Sounds like a fun vacation, should have had you take Flat Bad Momma!

PJ Mullen said...

Sounds like a fun day, although my stomach is in knots just thinking of roller coasters. Yes, I'm a big chicken and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Andrew's Daddies said...

I can't wait to go on rides with my son. I LOVE amusement parks. I'm not sure I could spend the entire day like you did..but I can only imagine you must have been exhausted.
Sorry to hear about the little bumper accident, but thankfully everyone is ok.

I bet you slept good that night!!

Jason said...

Sounds like a recent experience of mine. I'm glad that you were able to have a good time. I can't wait until Number 1 is taller so that we can hit some of the bigger rides. He stared at the Demon Drop the entire time we were there.

seashore subjects said...

Sounds like a great day/week. Now get back to regular postings! ;)

Sadia said...

Hooray for a good day, and shame on the bad driver. Did he/she even notice the ruckus he/she caused?

Mr. Man said...

It sounds like an AWESOME day! The kind that I would thoroughly enjoy with family and friends. Totally exhausting and totally worth it. Keep enjoying the vacation.

surprised mom said...

It sounds like a tremendous vacation with a wonderful way to end it . . . the amusement park, not the rear ending.
We've missed you and your regularly scheduled blogs, but thanks for checking in now and then.
Safe trip home!
I hope you took photos . . .

KWG said...

Good times! Love amusement parks. But, any rides that go round and round - that's a yak-fest.

Busy-Dad-E said...

I love Cedar Point! I grew up about 2.5 hours from Sandusky, and every summer there was at least one sojourn there. Ah, memories. Although they have many bigger faster coasters, I'm still partial to the Mean Streak and the Gemini. Can't wait to take my boys there sometime. Glad you enjoyed your trip, excepting the minor fender-bender.

Mike said...

Sounds like a great, much needed vacation for the family considering the crazy year you guys had.....

terri said...

You are a brave and adventurous, not to mention FUN mom! I'm sure it's a day the Weasels will never forget.

Anonymous said...

I love cedar waiting for Girl#2 to be tall enough for the coasters in order to go. Do the little ones actually enjoy it?

Momisodes said...

What a day! You are such a trooper. My stomach is all queasy just reading about some of those rides.

Sounds like it was a wonderful day all around for everyone. Glad to hear it was a good time. Sorry about the rear-ending.

Hope you all have a safe journey home!

Momo Fali said...

You went to Cedar Point? I would have met you there! We're going next week, but I totally would have bumped up our trip to see you on the splat puke-in-ator!

Glad you weren't hurt in the accident. That sucks though.

Captain Dumbass said...

Good times. Puke-in-ator? Ah, I'll just watch.

The Devoted Dad said...

I have always been one who has had a wishy washy relationship with the quick drops and rackety rides. I do at times dare myself and go for it, but that's usually just to appease someone whom I am with. As a child I rode the silly silo, where a big drum spins you around and sticks you to the wall- puke and a horrible headache is what I got out of that one! I am glad you had a good Weasel Week! -Jason

WeaselMomma said...

@ Michelle ~ I love doing the rides with the kids. My back, neck and stomach often get angered though.

@ Heather ~ Vacation was great, this weekend is being spent playing catch-up.

@ Charlie ~ I do my best to keep up, but am drowning at the moment.

@ Melisa ~ It sounds great, doesn't it?

@ Bad Momma ~ FBM wouldn't have met any of the bending joint requirements for the rides. I do love amusement parks.

@ PJ ~ I love the coasters. My back and neck, not so much.

@ Andrew's Daddies ~ Whe I spend that much money for admission I am going to get my monies worth!

@ Jason ~ As they get older it gets better, until they are old enough to want your money and not to be seen with you.

@ Seashore ~ Yes. It is time to get back to regular postings.

@ Sadia ~ That driver peeled off without ever looking back.

@ Mr. Man ~ Yes, both wonderful and exhausting.

@ Surprised ~ It was wonderful and now I am glad to be home.

@ KWG ~ I can handle some round and rounds, but the kids speed is not as mellow as moms.

@ Busy Dad-E ~ It is a great park. You too shall enjoy it again with the boys someday.

@ Mike ~ It was a good respite, but I came home needing a vacation and am playing catch-up instead.

@ Terri ~ I just pretend it's all for the kids enjoyment. Personally, I love it!

@ grown-up ~ They have lots for the little ones and yes, they love it too.

@ Momisodes ~ Thanks, we are now home safe and sound.

@ Momo ~ Had I only known! Have a great time.

@ Captain Dumbass ~ You have no sense of adventure. You have to ride the puke-n-ator atleast once.

@ DD ~ I know that ride. It was great as a kid. Now, I'm glad to see that most parks have upgraded that use of space.

Eldest Weasel said...

I liked the Gemini. Me & my friend raced & hi-fived each other every time our cars passed.
And as for Mean Streak, well, the name says it all.

Tom said...

Going to get all technical on you here. That particular "splat puke" ride is a technological marvel. Simply put, it CAN'T fail. Can't. Can't. It uses a braking technology that doesn't rely on any sort of hydraulics, power or timing of any sort. The ride passes copper plates past big magnets, and the magnets slow the ride down quickly but unfailingly. So rest assured.

Even if it does seem like it's going to let you splat.

Mrs4444 said...

I did the "Giant Drop" with Mark and the kids; they were surprised, but I think ya gotta keep 'em guessing or they'll think they have you all figured out. Kind of like when I put a swimming suit on, and they say, "MOM? YOU're going swimming????" Gotcha, kid!

ciara said...

i used to do roller coasters back in the day. not anymore. the kids and hubs love them. we went to six flags in eureka, mo. my son and i stayed on the ground lol

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