Friday, October 30, 2009

Fairy Godmother Wanted

Happy Friday! It's been a long week, but now that we have made it, treat yourself to a healthy dose of Suburban Wow this morning at 10 edt/9 cdt/ 7 pacific. Here's the cheat link.

It's also Fatherhood Friday at Dad-Blogs, so click on over there (when you are finished here, of course) for some great postings on everything parenthood.

With the week that I've had around here, it's best that I offer you a post in the form of FatherHood Friday Fragments, because my brain has been sucked dry from well, parenthood. Go visit Mrs 4444 for some more awesome nuggets.

  • Last weekend Eldest Weasel's Cross Country team competed extremely well in their Regional Meet (so well that I had to celebrate 4444's style) and thus this Saturday, yes- on Halloween, are moving onto the Sectional Meet. Next stop, State!
  • Saturday is Halloween and as of yet I don't have any costumes ready or planned out for the Weasels nor am I properly stocked for trick or treat.
  • I will earn my Mother of the Year award on Saturday when I will cheer Eldest Weasel and her team mates on, get pumpkins carved, candy bought, costumes put together and adorned on Weasels, prepare for dinner and have everything go off smoothly and swimmingly. Now I just have to find my magic wand.
  • I am used to being asked "you lip too?" every time I get my eyebrows waxed, but now to have "you toes too?" added to the list hits below the belt.
  • Dog Weasel is almost finished with puppy class and doing very well. She's smart and catches on fast. I wonder if I could teach her to carve the pumpkins. Nah, poor thing doesn't have any thumbs.
  • May Snowball the hamster rest in peace. He passed away this past Wednesday and funeral services will be held in about 30 minutes, as soon as I hear the trash truck coming. I better get a fresh cup of coffee ready.
  • The other night Boy Weasel (13) sat down to talk to me. Mid conversation he had a eureka moment and stated "Mom, I always feel so much smarter when I am near you". Translate that one however you wish.
Well that's all for now, I have to go take the trash out prepare for our daybreak memorial service.

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Tara R. said...

I'm going to take the eureka moment as your incredible intelligence oozing over onto Boy Weasel.

Hope the Weasel Family has a fun Halloween and you get some much deserved rest this weekend.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

If I locate my magic wand today, I'll loan it to you. I'm right there with you - except I do have a costume for the Princess Nagger (and only because she's going recycle one from a past Halloween) but still have yet to buy candy and carve the pumpkins. I figured it'll magically get done tomorrow... ;)

Our puppies were trying to carve a pumpkin for me. But Mother Nature thwarted their genius plans by turning up the heat and causing it to mold. So now it's been relegated to the Back 40 where a magical pumpkin patch may appear next year. ;)

Awwww, poor Snowball! I about spit out my coffee at the part of the funeral being when the trash truck comes...LOL!!

When I need a smart refill, can I come sit next to you? :)

Happy FF! Have a great weekend! :)

won said...

Too bad you didn't get that comment from your son in writing to refer to later...and to share it with him down the road if the need arises!

Joanie M said...

That is one smart boy you got there!

condolences on Snowball

CK Lunchbox said...

Last minute costumes tend to be the best and most creative. Have fun y'all!

de-I said...


Doug @ Daddy's Tired said...

I am always amazed by parents with multiple kids. I have one 5 month old little girl and I don't know how I could possibly handle a second...You should be proud of all you do for your family!

Sorry for your loss.

terri said...

Hope you survive your busy Saturday! (And just shave those toes. Don't let them suck more money out of you for waxing than necessary.)

PJ Mullen said...

I outsourced costumes, I had grammie do it :)

I'm sure Boy Weasel meant that in the nicest way. Or, if he didn't, he surely does now.

Very cool on Eldest's track team's success. Good luck to them on Sectionals.

Michelle said...

Oh CRAP, I forgot to ask you how the meet went. I'm guessing good -- but how good?

And ummm why does all that have to happen tomorrow? No costumes or carving or anything today?

But wow. Toes is just the topper. That's so wrong. Sorry.

WeaselMomma said...

@ Tara ~ I am certain there will be no rest this weekend, but lots of fun. I know that genetically, children get their intelligence from their mother. I personally believe they suck it right from our brains.

@ Stacy ~ Thanks for coming buy and glad you got a good taste of Weaselville. You can sir next to me anytime :)

@ Won ~ Damn. A Missed opportunity!

@ Joanie ~ Or on dumb Mom.

@ CK ~ Oh, how I hope you are right!

@ de-I ~ Yeah, hairy toes are not attractive, but they do offer waxing services!

@ Doug ~ Don't fret. I didn't know how I would handle 2, when I only had 1. All good things take time. And Thank You, you must have been stalking the archives.

@ Terri ~ I will survive, but if I shave they just come back thicker and stubble like. Maybe I'll self wax.

@ PJ ~ Thanks, you always make me feel better about life.

@ Michelle ~ They came in 5th in the toughest regional in the state, just enough to move on. Fantastic for a school of less then 500. I cleaned pumpkins today, but am having a pasta party tonight for the team, so I hope to carve, but I have to get ready. Toes, they are my nemesis. I'm surprised they took so long to ask.

Unknown Mami said...

I'm tired just thinking
of all the things you have to do by Saturday!

surprised mom said...

Oh, Saturday will be a piece of cake for you. . . come on you know it.

Seriously, I hope you and all the Weasels have a ton of fun on Halloween. Trick or Treat!

seashore subjects said...

A daunting list to be sure, but one I am confident you will pull off amazingly and without a wand!

Mrs4444 said...

What in the world was Mr.4444 thinking when he gave you all of my danged pumpkins Sunday morning?! Now, I'm jealous and hope to see a pic of your carving talents. Good luck!

Also, that "you lip, too?" fragment is my favorite so far this week! :)

The Devoted Dad said...

You must do a good job facilitating Middle Weasel to think things through! Sorry to hear about Snowball. May he rest in peace, with as much cardboard and scraps than he could ever want- at the landfill. -Jason

Melisa with one S said...

"you lip too"?



Momo Fali said...

I fell over exhausted just reading all you had to do. Egads, woman!

Mama Smurf said...

Yeah...I've been shaving my hairy dego toes for years! LOL

That last bullet made me choke on my pop! Good stuff!

Mocha Dad said...

Wow! You actually have smart dog. My dog failed puppy school.

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