Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting The Money Shot

One of the many joys of the Season is the annual taking of the the Christmas card picture. Some people leave this up to professionals. Some people use a nice shot of the family from when they were on vacation. Here in Weaselville we patiently wait for the stars to align in such a way that everybody is home and wearing clean clothes at the same time.

This astrological rarity coincidentally happened this past weekend. Actually, the right conditions were in place both Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I should check the calendar to see if it was a blue moon. Even with all the conditions coming together with a wide window of opportunity, things did not go easily.

When I mentioned taking the photo, Eldest insisted we take it in front of the Christmas tree, as we have often done in years past. The only catch, the tree had not yet been erected. Nor did I feel like pulling it out of the basement and setting it up. Eldest volunteered for this task and I gave her the nod.

Fast forward 12 hours. The tree is up and lit, but the branches have yet to be separated and fluffed in order to avoid the Charlie Brown look.

Fast forward 7 more hours and we are finally ready to take the picture while dinner is in the oven. The following is what happens when you take 5 hungry Weasels and 1 dog and try to take 1 Christmas Card picture.

These are Weasels:

In hopes that things would go a little smoother after everyone's blood sugar levels are back on track, this is the point at which we decided to take a break to eat dinner. You're welcome for me not posting all 374 pre - dinner pics.

These are Weasels on food:

Last but not least, the money shot that will appear on the Weasel Family Christmas card 2009:

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Anonymous said...

Love these snaps!! Your kids are hilarious.

Sue said...

Very, very cute! Your family is more patient than my brother and brother in law in my parents family picture!!!!

Bolton said...

The pictures are like a story board in themselves. You can see where the climax was and then the resolution and finale.

It is great and I wanted to cry.


I'm a dork.

Great Picture

Melisa with one S said...


(except that Matilda the Hun was not in the final photo, and she has asked me to represent her in her case against you. A court summons will be arriving later this morning.)

Vodka Mom said...

I love it.

cha ching.

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Such a handsome family! I've got only 2 and we can't get them to both behave for a photo long enough to make a Christmas card... you should be proud!

Me said...

I love seeing the progression, believe me - I know just how tough it can be to get the right shot. . .and I only have ONE!!! I think you did great, and everyone looks like they were having a great time - which is the important part, after all. Right?!!

WeaselMomma said...

@ IfMomSays ~ You only encourage them. =)

@ Sue ~ If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

@ Bolton ~ The final pic just summed up my Weasels and our craziness no very well.

@ Vodka Mom ~ and you thought Kindergarteners were juvenile.

@ Melisa ~ We will have to counter sue for breach of contract. Matilda the Hun walked off the set mid shoot and headed back to her trailer, er I mean kennel ans refused to fulfill her commitment to the Christmas card.

@ Charlie ~ Amateur. With 2 you can easily offer a bribe and get the shot quickly.

OhCaptain said...

Well done! What a fun photo for your cards. I'll be expecting one :-P

BTW - It's nothing for me to shoot a couple hundred myself of the kids to find but one I like.

Otter Thomas said...

Great pic! It was worth all the effort. I can't get a pic of one kid so I can't even imagine how to get a good one of all 5 kids. Trying to get the dog to go along was probably a little over ambitious though.

Tales of Cheerios and Sleepless Nights said...

These photos are GREAT! Really like the one you chose.

Oscar said...

They are all priceless!

Getting them to pose is probably hard enough!

Great Shot! All of your card recipients will smile when they open the envelope.

PJ Mullen said...

Nice! I had a hard enough time trying to corral one wife and one toddler into the family photo.

Tom said...

Great picture! You've got them trained well, to be able to stack like that, and keep smiling.

I love the progression of the first shots, and how one particular Weasel's face reflects her declining blood sugar. Pure gold.

de-I said...

Watching the faces of pink horizontal striped Weasel, I could see the usual I'm starved and hate being here attitude of the middle school girl. Too cool.

Momo Fali said...

Personally, I like the last pre-dinner shot. It screams dysfunction...which is something to which I can totally relate.

WeaselMomma said...

@ Me ~ By the end they were having a blast. Prior to that, not so much.

@ OhCaptain ~ Just email me an address.

@ Otter ~ It's as easy as herding cats.

@ Cheerios ~ Glad you like, thanks.

@ Oscar ~ Priceless they are and I expect all who open them to laugh at how their individual personalities shine through.

@ PJ ~ Juggling is not fun until you try it with chainsaws.

@ Tom ~ No doubt that the pictures tell a story. You should see the 400 shot novel.

@ Momo ~ That is an irreplaceable picture. I should send it along when each begins therapy, just to save countless hours of explanation.

@ de- I ~ That would be Middle Weasel and you have hit the nail right on the head.

Michelle said...

Soooo wait.

1) Clean clothes on the weekend but not on Thanksgiving? I'm intrigued.

2) Really, a fake tree? *sigh*

3) Soooo with the picture you got, why did the clothes need to be clean again? ;)

4) While hungry children = bad pictures, I've often found that just fed children = bad pictures. Or maybe it's just the wee ones + camera = bad pictures....

Laura said...

OMG...I LOVE this!! I've been there, done that, & am going professional again this year! The kids are adorable & growning so fast..I feel sooo old! The last time I saw them in person, you had only 2 or 3 (I'd have to look at MY photos to be sure) so you know how long it has been! Thanks for sharing your escapades!!

Heather said...


I want one.

Pretty please?

Still waiting on your email.

terri said...

We had a similar experience at our house. And I have decided that the "good" picture is just mediocre and the goofball pictures are much more fun, so I'm using them instead.

BusyDad said...

The Weasels are a riot! And know what? The mess ups make the BEST cards.

WeaselMomma said...

@ Laura ~ I'm glad you like.

@ Michelle ~ 1) Clothes get dirty while busy in the kitchen.
2) Yup, fake and pre-lit.
3) Yeah, it really didn't matter at that point. Boy is not even wearing socks.
4) I sense a conspiracy.

@ Heather ~ Absolutely.

@ Terri ~ The goofy ones just scream 'The Weasels'

@ BusyDad ~ I gave up on ever having a portrait style pic of the family.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

you definitely picked the best of the bunch...cute family!

DadUnmasked said...

You have a beautiful family. You're oldest is the spittin' image of you! Looks like you guys have a great time during the holidays. Enjoy!

WeaselMomma said...

@ Geezees ~ Thanks. I'm glad you stopped by & hope to see you again soon.

@ DadUnmasked ~ Thank you. Thank you very much.

Mrs4444 said...

Fantastic!! These are the best. That Middle Weasel-she looks EXACTLY like you, from the inside out. What a beautiful bunch :)

seashore subjects said...

The patience of a saint! Love the pre-fed and post-fed looks!

Mr. Man said...

You have a great looking family. Thank you for sharing the pics with us.

Bad Momma said...

Very cute! I'd use them all... This year we went to JC Penney. Now we just have to write the cards...

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