Wednesday, June 30, 2010

7 Minutes In Heaven, Revisted

Remember that game that you we all played in junior high? I NEVER did, but I've heard of it.  It was all about taking spin the bottle to the next level.  You would wind up in a closet with someone of the opposite gender for 7 minutes.  It was assumed you be making out, but most of the time it was just 7 minutes of awkward stammering, not that I would know.  It was supposed to be 'heaven'.

Depending on the players involved, it didn't always go that way, or so I've heard.

I never played the game as a juvenile, but I play it now every chance I get.  Only, I have changed the rules.

  1. I don't spin a bottle.
  2. Usually, it is just me and me alone.  All by myself.
  3. It sometime takes the form of a hot shower, undisturbed*, with time to shave my legs**.  Yes, it's more like 20 minutes in heaven.
  4. Sometimes it involves hiding on the back porch with a cold beer and resembles hide and go seek.
  5. If by chance I am alone with Mr. Weasel and a locked door, it turns into 3 1/2 minutes in heaven. because we get disturbed with multiple knocks at the door.  NOT for any other reason.  I Love you honey!
  6. Sometimes it involves those rare moments of a sparkly clean house and that never lasts more than 7 minutes in Weaselville.
  7. Most often it is played while cuddling one of the Weasel Children on the couch.
How do you play 7 minutes in heaven?

* Rare that this happens.
** This is so rare it can get on the endangered list.  Heck, if it continues to be this rare, I can get on the endangered species list myself.

Sasquatch isn't some wild man beast, It's a mom who has run off to hide in the woods, because her kids never would let her shave in peace.

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