Monday, September 13, 2010

The Un-Post

Blogging is great and I love what I do.  I have a place to share my thoughts, quirky as they may be, and tell the stories of life around here through the lens of Looney Tunes glasses, just the way I see them.  Aaaaand...........people actually like to come here and read all about it, voluntarily!  That rocks!

It's like I can have my own little stand up routine, while I am plastered to my couch!  I have an audience thanks to both of you and that, my friends, is Weasel crack!

The draw back to blogging is what I can't write.  There is almost a physical pain of not writing some of the most hilarious conversations, situations, observations, irony and antics that happen near or around me.

Out of begging pleading threats against my person respect for family or friends, some things are just un-blogable.

Some things fall under the category of you had to be there.

Some are just too quirky and odd.  You wouldn't get it, even though I may have been laughing in the aisles.  I find humor in some pretty strange places.

Some things you just don't post on the Internet.

What's that, you want an example?  Okay,  I can't post about when Melisa said...........hey wait, you almost had there.  I'm not falling for that old trick.

Some of you are no holds barred when it comes to blogging.  Your friends and family may not ever bother to read your ramblings even know that you have a blog.  I on the other hand need all the readers I can get  am very open about the fact that I blog.

There is so much going on in and around Weaselville and yet so little that I can write about today.  That's why I am calling this the un-post.  Yup, you just read 250 words that I wrote about absolutely nothing and you are still here.  There goes your time waster for the day.

That's what I call talent.

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