Saturday, January 15, 2011

Puck Me!

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Yesterday I was out at the bar out having drinks with my friend, D, and not surprisingly, a great conversation came about that led to a fantastic idea. 

The conversation centered on, surprise.......hockeyIt was a sports bar after all.  I know that not all of you are hockey fans, but this blog is all about me and if you are here reading this, it is probably because I have entertained you in the past and my quirky little thoughts so trust me a minute before you click away and just let me run with it.

Anywho, for my birthday, Mr. Weasel gave me the gift of Center Ice.  That's a cable channel that shows every single game played in the NHL, live.  Every. Single. Game.  That's pretty cool and I love the gift and you know it's a gift of love because the Mr. isn't into sports and is willing to let me scream at the television for hours at a time while he holds down the fort.  The only thing that I don't like about this gift is that if two games are on simultaneously, I can only watch one and there are no re-runs of games that I may have missed.  Also, there is no pregame coverage and no post game coverage.  The channel turns on just moments before face-off and turns off just moments after the buzzer.

Maybe it's the tiny amount of estrogen that runs through my body talking here, but seriously, buy me a drink before you drop the puck and how about a little after glow.  I want pre-game and post game coverage!  Sure, the main event is great for me, but how about giving a little more and making my experience that much better.  It would make me look forward to our next face-off even more.

If you have Comcast, you get Versus.  They cover sports, complete with some pre and minimal post game coverage, but they only carry certain games.

The other available option is the NHL Network, but they don't cover live games!  They cover game highlights and hockey talk.  Everything NHL, except actual games!

My friend, obviously also a sports fan, feels my pain not only with the NHL, but out of market games in the NFL, too.  I expect the same is true for NBA and MLB.  Don't even get me started on blacked out games in local markets.  Gah, why would you cut off your core fan base?

The conclusion that we came to after our *itch session, is that we need to start our own cable network.  After all, what's the use of complaining if you can't come up with a solution.

A 24 hour network that would cover every NHL game, game highlights, hockey talk not to be confused with coffee talk, and re-run the games that you may have missed earlier in the day or the previous day.  We would call it............

Puck Me!

Seriously, can you think of a better name than that to describe such an NHL #*gasm?

You wouldn't have to subscribe to 3 or 4 different channels to get the coverage that you want as a fan.  You'd have it all in one magical place!  In the off season you would coverage of trades and injuries, post season news and replays of some of the best played games of the season along with going retro and watching Stanley Cup Finals of years past.

I think that D and I are onto something here and this model works for other sport leagues as well.

Now to research game licensing, business plans and funding.

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