Friday, February 18, 2011


The title of this post is probably the most used word, complete with question mark, in my lexicon.

I mutter this incomplete sentence, usually to myself, all the dang time.  I used it even before it became the catch phrase of Grey's Anatomy.  If I had only had it copyrighted I could have been rich.

I say it when I open the dishwasher to find it completely overloaded, yet not run.

I say it when one of the cars refuses to start in sub zero temperatures.

I say it when the snow begins to fall for the umpteenth time in any given week.

I say it when I find clean clothes in the dirty laundry, still folded.

I say it when I find the kitchen trash can overflowing and know that I am not the first person to have this discovery, thanks to the visual knowledge that is trash dropped placed on the floor next to the can.  Because heaven forbid anyone else living in Weaselville take any kind of initiative without written orders and actually take the trash out and change the bag!

I say it after returning home from taking the Weasels to school to discover an orphaned lunch box sitting on the table in need of it's owner to be of any use.

Basically, I say it about a bajillion times a day accompanied by swear words head shaking, disbelief and muffled muttering reminiscent of Dick Dastardly's Dog, Muttley. 

I don't know why I say it.  It's not like I have enough short term memory loss that any of these things should come as any sort of surprise to me, yet they always seem to catch me off my guard.  Go Figure.

Seriously?, has become my catch phrase over the years, what's yours?

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