Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Good Old Days?

Recently, I was on a road trip with Tracy, of Just Another Mommy Blog.  As per usual, when you put two women together in an enclosed space for a prolonged period of time, there is no telling where the conversation will lead.

This particular time, the conversation led back to odd and non-sequitor tidbits of our childhoods and things that I hadn't remembered or thought about in years.

Case in point; Gum Was Evil and Forbidden.
I have no real idea why, but my mother forbade my siblings and I to have gum.  Chewing or bubble, it did not matter.  She was convinced that chewing gum would cause us to lose all of our teeth.  Soda and candy were just plain and dandy daily staples, never rationed, but you couldn't let mom catch you with gum, ......ever!  Go Figure?    

Case in Point 2;  ~ TMI Alert! ~ I learned about tampons from my Baby Sister!
As commonly happens to young teens, I was caught off guard by mother nature while at work.  Lucky for me, my boss was a woman and she had a tampon to offer me.  She asked if I knew how to use one and if my mother was okay with me using them.  Of course, I answered yes on both counts.  What teen girl is going to admit that she has never even seen a tampon, let alone didn't know what to do with one?  Nor, ever even heard her mother mention the word?  I proceeded to the ladies room and was extremely flummoxed about what to do next.  The best I could figure out is that they were worn in the same fashion as a pad and that's what I did.  All the while confused by why women would choose to use something so completely uncomfortable and ineffective to boot.  It was the end of my shift, thank God, and I went home to take care of things in a more familiar manner.  Upon mentioning this incident to my younger sister, she filled me in, to my wide eyed and gaping jaw astonishment, about how tampons work.  Where did she learn this?  Oh yes, I asked......from my older sister!  Why didn't my older sister ever inform me??????, because I never asked.  I never used pads again.

I was also instructed to NEVER let my mother know that I was using tampons, because they were strictly for use by tramps.  Go figure!

Case in Point 3; McDonalds Apple and Cherry Pies were so much better back in the day when they were deep fried!  They new (in my lifetime) recipe and the 'baked pies' that they serve are lousy!  I love the fried pies and would step my way over my own mother to get one!  Biting in too soon and scalding my mouth with hot grease and pie filling is a joy in life that I really miss.  I wish that McDonald's would bring them back.  Sure, they are not the healthiest option, but so what.  I don't go to McDonalds for their calorie count.  I go because of taste factor and as an adult I can choose to eat what I want, when I want.  Sometimes I just want a fried pie, dang-it.  I happen to know that BusyDad feels the same way.  Maybe we should start an entire online campaign to get McDonalds to bring back an old school joy in our lives?  Who's with me?

So anyway, there is your randomness of WeaselMomma back in the driver's seat.  I hope to be around a lot more regularly soon.

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