Friday, May 21, 2010

Broad Street Bonding

As a small child I watched Flyers hockey, curled under my father's arm. It was the Era of the Broad Street Bullies and dad loved it. With only one TV in the house, my options were limited to watching the game or staring at the walls - No noise was to be made in the house when the Flyers were on.

So I would curl up under Dad's arm and watch the game. Showing an interest in hockey was a great way to win Dad's affections and there was no chance of the channel being changed during a game, anyway. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Gene Hart would belt out the play by play with such passion and speed that I had absolutely no idea what was going on. During stoppage of play, commercials or intermission, Dad would explain it to me. What I did know is that I enjoyed the fast paced action and jumped out of my seat every time Gene would scream out "SHOT, SCORE! Philadelphia!". I came to love the game too.

I unknowingly, had been watching some hockey greats. Bernie Parent, Bill Barber, Bobby Clarke and Dave Schultz were just a few of the line up.

As the years went on, I watched more, I learned more, grew a greater appreciation for the game and had watched live, some great moments in sports. All while sitting and bonding side by side with Dad.

I inadvertently learned knew language skills.

I cried when the news proclaimed that their was no hope for Pelle Lindbergh.

I cried in 1987 as I watched the the Stanley Cup slip away from reach at the end of game 7. Not just for the team and our hopes, but because I had much homework that had not been completed and had been counting on the day off of school as a buffer.

I rejoiced as I watched Ronnie Hextall, Rick Tocchet and the Sutter Brothers live on the traditions of a Philly favorite team.

I remember many a long, cold and windy walk with my Dad to the Spectrum to watch the games.

I am now watching the Flyers in the Stanley Cup semi-finals, with Smallest Weasel under my arm and the other Weasels sprawled through the living room. I explain the game, the action and the rules at the stoppage of play, the commercials and during intermission.

The Weasels are learning names like Chris Pronger, Mike Leighton, Danny Briere.

I have inadvertently taught them some new language skills.

Dad has been gone for many years now, yet he is still close in my heart. I feel him close as I hold my children and watch the Flyers play.

The Flyers are only 6 wins away from taking The Cup home. Lord Stanley, we want your Cup.
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