Friday, May 28, 2010

Purging The Clutter

My mind and my life have been so busy lately that I just need to purge the clutter from my brain. Thanks to Mrs4444 and Friday Fragments, I am doing just that - with a twist. Fatherhood Friday Fragments. Stop by both Dad-Blogs and Half Past Kissing Time Later today, not now, not before you spend time hanging out with me.

First and foremost, Suburban Wow livestreams today at 12 edt/11 central/do the math Mountain and Pacific. You west coasters confuse me. Here is the cheater link to *watch the show*.

  • Yesterday Eldest Weasel turned 16 years old and today is her last day of school. We will be heading to the DMV after the show today, if she can get all of her paperwork together.

  • The other Weasels will be finished with the school year next Thursday. The last day of school is my favorite day of the year. I am usually even happier than the kids. Call me crazy. I hate the school year and love having the Weasels around. We have fun together.

  • Summer has officially arrived in Chicago with temps hitting 90 for days on end. I love the heat, but am ticked off because all of my summer clothes shrunk while sitting in the storage bin all fall, winter and spring long.

  • I took Matilda The Hun for a walk yesterday and was very impressed by how well she walks on the leash without having had and formal training. I realized that she is better behaved than the Weasels. Huh. I am better at dog training than kid training.

  • I went to the snack and candy expo this past Wednesday and will show some of my favorite finds on Suburban Wow today.

  • The Stanley Cup Finals start tomorrow night and I can't wait. It does however make me miss my Dad and wish that he were around to enjoy this with me. He was the one who gave me my love for the game.

  • I painted my nails orange this week and added the Flyers logo to them. Yes, I am seriously excited about this series. I sent out a twitpic, but can't find it now. I'll show them off on Suburban Wow.

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