Monday, July 26, 2010


This is the post script or addendum to the the story I told you about on Friday.  On a positive note, I am no longer wearing the magnetic bulls eye for Eldest Weasel's anger.  Also, you can join Melisa is having a great laugh at my expense.

On the negative side of things, Eldest Weasel had her heart broken.  A trusted aunt had caused her pain, tears and embarrassment. 

Here's how it went down; On Friday, my sister packed her family up in their car and headed home.  Melisa and I commenced with what turned into an outstanding and fun episode of Suburban Wow.  All the while, Eldest had been texting back and forth with her aunt, who continued to string her along.

After the show, Melisa and I chatted in the kitchen over some leftover pizza.  Eldest Weasel came to join us, phone in hand, to show the most recent text picture that her aunt had sent, The Picture.  Eldest Weasel said, 'I don't think that's him".  I of course assured her that it was him, because her Aunt would never trick her like that.  Melisa looked at the pic and concurred that it wasn't him, "His face isn't round enough".  I say what kind of 40 something woman knows the face of Justin Bieber in such intricate detail.  

I wave that off as nothing, as people always comment to me that I look different in every picture of me that they see and when meeting me in person I hear about how I don't look anything like my avatar.  Melisa laughs at me and says, "That's not him".

Eldest Weasel texts her aunt back to call foul and her aunt responds by copping to a fraud.  Eldest was crushed.  I tried to laugh it off, as my siblings are apt to regularly punk each other ever since we were children.  However, we never went so far as to involve our nieces and nephews in a prank that would hurt them.  Each other however, are fair game.

Melisa continued to mock me and have a good laugh, but had nothing but sympathy to offer Eldest, "This is my Purple Rain tour all over again".  Watch the re-run of Suburban Wow to hear that story.  

After Melisa left, Eldest broke down.  Tears fell as she continued texting with her aunt to let her know how upset, saddened and angry she was that her aunt had tricked her like this.  My sister texted back an apology, but Eldest still let her know that her other aunt is her favorite.

Basically, the headline sums up the story.  We were punk'd.

.....and my sister wonders why I don't pack up the family and drive 22 hours to come visit.

PS ~ I would post the pic, but Eldest was so ticked off that she deleted it.

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