Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cruising the 2010 Camaro

Move over Tracy Chapman, it's WeaselMomma who gets the fast car.

General Motors was kind enough to loan me the 2010 Camaro RS for a long weekend.   I was in no way compensated for this post or video. 

I was kind enough to document the experience for you.  Or the parts of it that I would admit to in court, anyway.  Watch the video and you will also get the first ever glimpse of Mr. Weasel on World of Weasels.

Melisa and I actually broadcast Suburban Wow last Friday morning from the front seat of the Camaro.  Why?  Because we could and it was fun.  Going back to the kitchen studio will never be the same.  We had a great show that was a hoot.  Especially when we talked to/interviewed the OnStar operator during the live show.  She was a great sport and had Melisa and I laughing hysterically.  You totally want to click the link and watch the show.

This car was awesome and I almost teared up when I had to give her back this past Monday.  Everybody loved this car. Even my garbage man, who has never uttered a syllable to me in the past 6 years, stopped to chat it up and take a peek.  When I realized that I had forgotten to place the necessary stickers on my garbage cans prior to pick up, he told me, "Ah, don't worry about it" and took my garbage anyway.  That is a first.  That's the power of the Camaro.

Sure, It's not quite the same as free drinks, but I'll take it. 

I really had a great time playing with the Camaro and logging as many miles as I could fit in.  I've never driven a car that was this much fun.  The handling, performance and comfort were amazing.  She had more horsepower than you could ever legally use 304hp and a V6.  Simply fantastic.  Driving her was just a plain old good time.

Once I get a few of the Weasels out of the house and off to trade school college, guess what I'm going to trade in the minivan for?

If Mr. Weasel ever wants to drive one again, he'll have to get his own.

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