Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Life in Weaselville has is it's own unique little flavor, as I'm sure most of your homes do too.  We do things a little differently around here, bordering on odd.  For instance, I have found that most of the money that we have spent to furnish the Weasels bedrooms with beds, has been squandered.

Seriously.  I could sell their beds at a garage sale and only Monkey Weasel would object. She is the only one who actually uses her bed on a regular basis and she sleeps atop of her sheets and comforter and never under them.  Go figure.

Right now, at 5am, Boy Weasel is sleeping on his bedroom floor with all of his bedding.  He does this so he can cuddle up with Matilda the Hun, who happens to be asleep on the floor next to me in the living room and not with Boy.

Middle Weasel is asleep on the floor in the hallway, right outside of her bedroom door, in a makeshift nest that she builds every night.  Weasels must be more more comfortable nesting than being tucked in.

Eldest Weasel is in the living room sleeping in the recliner laid out like a business class seat on an overseas flight.

Smallest Weasel is on the love seat in the living room snuggled up with her cat.

Mr. Weasel is on the couch with his trusty laptop.  He hasn't even gone to bed yet, nor will he get to for at least another 15 hours.  Poor guy has been working himself to death.

All of the Weasels actually kiss goodnight and start off in their own beds at assigned bedtimes, but after an initial spell of sugar plum dreams they become wandering nomads and migrate from their original resting places, often more than once.

I too have my own sleeping rituals, but always in my own freshly made bed with the pillows situated just right, the perfect amount of cozy and my sleep number set at 100.   If all isn't just how I want it, no sleep will come.  It's the Princess and the Pea complex, I guess.

I should really set up some night vision cameras around the house, just to watch the migrations of the Weasels in their natural habitat.  It could be a Discovery Channel special or something akin to Wild Kingdom, only with the Weasels.  It could be called something like, "What happens after 'Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep'". 

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