Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pit Bulls and Pit Falls

Yesterday, I was sitting down playing some cards with six of my closest friends whom I had never met before, when howdy do's and conversation erupted at the other end of the table.

One man, who completely fit the bill of expectation, decided to share with the rest of us that he breeds pit bulls.  I actually have nothing against pit pulls.  I grew up with a real sweetheart of a pit bull, but any who......

This particular man held much pride in announcing that "I breed them myself.  I do it all myself".  He even pulled out his wallet to show pictures o his puppies off.

I, being me, had to interrupt him right there and backtrack for a moment.  "Hold on a sec......, did you just say that you breed pit bulls, yourself?".

Walking right off that cliff the man reiterated in a boastful fashion that yes, indeed "I do it allI breed them, I clip their ears, tails, all myself".

I couldn't let this go, "Your telling us that you don't contract the breeding out?".

"No, ma'am.  I personally breed them".  I didn't even feel bad anymore about pulling the metaphorical rug out from under his feet.  After all, he called me ma'am.  I don't look old enough to be a ma'am.  Shut up.

It was time for me to pull that trap door lever now that he was squarely standing atop it and let him pit fall.  "Well, okay then.  I personally would have another dog do the breeding part, but to each his own".

The rest of the table found this highly amusing, sans breeder man.  The dealer nearly fell over laughing and announced that I am very funny.  Maybe I am funny, but maybe I am just a little stupid too.  After all, I just ticked off a man who breeds pit bulls.

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