Friday, September 10, 2010


Most of you know that last week Eldest Weasel smashed up Mr. Weasel's car.  The insurance company has decided the car is a total loss.  It's all okay though.  Eldest, nor anyone else, was injured and my body shop says that they can make the repairs so that's what we are going to do.

What you don't know about last week though is that GM reached out to social media and held an event that gave me the chance to test drive the brand new Chevy Cruze before it hits the dealerships later this month and have some fun with friends new and old over drinks and sharing food.   Eldest Weasel was very bummed when I told her that "no, you can't come with me.  GM doesn't want you driving their brand new babies.  You're just still too young and inexperienced".

 I, WeaselMomma, being as cool and hip as I am, drive the sexiest of sexy  mommy mobiles ~ the minivan (better known as the hot mobile).  Mr. Weasel drives the cute little commuting sedan or rather I should say he did until last week.

The Cruze is cute and sporty little eye candy, but I must admit to laughing to myself when I heard about it's 1.4 L turbo engine.  For those non-motor head readers out there, that's an itty bitty engine.  1.4 L is great for gas mileage, but not thought of for it's performance qualities. WeaselMomma is all about performance. Adding the turbo boost almost seemed like an oxymoron.  At least that's what I thought until I drove it.

Va -Va-Va-Voom!  Baby could move.

The Cruze was responsive to my touch, as if we were dancing.  The slightest movement brought immediate response and it was putty in my hands. The racer steering column felt smooth and light.  All I had to do was caress and my every lead was followed.

This thing made my hot mobile look like a minivan.  The Cruze was zippy, fun and comfortable to drive.  The rack mounted electric power steering (just like they use in a BMW) had me at first touch.  It's 1.4L engine can get up to 40 mpg and thanks to the turbo never makes you feel a lack of power under your right foot.  This car was much, much, more than I expected it to be.

Chevy says that the Cruze is redefining compact.  I say that they are right.  Head out to your local Chevy dealer and take a test drive yourself, just for fun, and see if you agree.  Tell them I sent you so that they can look at you funny with absolutely zero recognition of what you are talking about.  You can have a free test drive on me.

After test driving the Cruze, hanging out with the likes of Michelle, Maria and Connie for a few drinks and more laughs than you can fit into a 10 lb bag. If you don't follow these ladies on twitter, you want to.  These ladies are total hang out quality.  That's the highest WM peep rating.

And as for Eldest Weasel, after she smashed up Daddy's car I could point to it and say "And that is exactly why GM doesn't want you driving their car".

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