Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank God For Women

I hate making school lunches.  After 11 straight years of this chore, I'm really ready to be done with it.  Unfortunately for me, there is no young and upcoming padawan around here to pass the torch onto.  I may be sentenced to 12 more straight years of this Sysiphus type enslavery.

I've been trying to pass the torch, but to put anyone around here in charge of this chore would make as much sense as putting Homer Simpson in charge of a nuclear reactor.

I know because yesterday I tried it out.  Boy Weasel and Mr. Weasel were tasked with making school lunches.  I gave a few simple, yet helpful, directions to save them some time, "Use the kiwi and the other fruit.  Monkey won't eat a sandwich and Smallest Weasel hates mac and cheese in her thermos because it dries out".

With this, I went to go get dressed and ready myself for the day ahead.

When I reemerged into the kitchen, I noticed that they did indeed use the fruit as instructed, but I had to ask, "Why didn't you put the fruit into sandwich bags?".  The answer came in the form of 4 blank, blinking and confused eyes staring back at me. *Note, I have been placing fruit in sandwich bags for school lunches for 11 solid years.

Mr. Weasel: (genuinely curious)  Why would I put fruit in a sandwich bag?

Boy Weasel: blink, blink

Me:  This way when they toss around their lunches and beat that piece of fruit into a pulp it won't ooze all over the rest of their lunch.  Plus they then have a place to put the kiwi spoon when they are done eating so that it doesn't make their entire lunchbox sticky.

Mr. Weasel: Huh.  I would have never thought of that.

Boy Weasel: blink, blink

Mr. Weasel: (talking to boy) .......and that son is why you should drop to your knees every night and thank God for women.  We'd never survive on our own without them.

Boy Weasel: (in a trance like state of astonishment) Yeah.

I guess I better go start making those lunches for today.

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