Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meet The Family part I

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, Mr. Weasel and I were were engaged.  We came from different cultures and backrounds.  Mr. W having been a rural farm boy and I having been a street rat big city girl, you can only imagine that our families had very little in common with each other. Insert Green Acres Theme Song Here.

During this magical time, I had the chance to meet the family at Mr. Weasel's ginormous family reunion where I was meeting dozens of members of his bloodline for the first time, as they had traveled far and wide, to spend the day discussing the finer points of pig farming and debating about who had the biggest and best tractor with each other.  Oh, and let's not forget the best procedure for Do It Yourself farm animal castration methods.

As much as my mind was hanging onto every intriguing and insightful conversation that was swirling around me, I eventually meandered my way into the house to find a group of DNA sharing folks gathered around the talking radio television set that was already tuned into a COPS marathon.  I took this opportunity to blend in with my soon to be kin-folk and a chance to keep my mouth shut in order to save myself from further comment about my Philadelphia accent.

Not five minutes after I copped a squat on the floor of the living room and joined in the family bonding that is non-interactive entertainment, a new episode started.  COPS in Philadelphia!  My jaws remained closed that doesn't happen very often and I watched on as comments about the show and it's unintentional stars flew about the room.  I recognized local landmarks and areas, yet I kept out of the conversation.  That is until a police chase by car turned into a police chase by foot that ran right through the neighborhood where I had grown up and my parents still lived.

"THAT"S MY HOUSE!"........

managed to escape from lips at high volume and any conversation concerning cows coming into season and or debates about the pros and cons of artificial insemination and livestock came an abrupt halt and were then immediately forgotten.

I don't know who held the Best First Impression Ever Award that day.  All I know is that I hope some day to live it down.

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