Monday, February 14, 2011

Style Fit For A Weasel

Anyone who knows me would tell you that I have style.  A style all of my own.  I like to travel in style and I like to enter a room with style.

That is why last Thursday, when I attended a brunch sponsored by GM and special media preview of the Chicago Auto Show, I decided to make an entrance so grand that all eyes would be on me and my name would not easily be forgotten.

I confidently strode through the marble laden corridors of pristinely waxed and polished grandeur toward the conference room, rocking a sleek business casual  ensemble, complete with black leather boots.

Having navigated my way through McCormick Place, and turning the last corner toward the event room, I slipped.  Then I tripped, stumbled, shadow danced, fell to my knees and slid across across the floor straight into the entrance way of the meeting room as if I were an air hockey puck.

A grand entrance indeed.

Lucky for me, GM has a style and class that makes even I look good.  After helping me up from my knees and offering me some sustenance in the form of hot coffee, a beautiful breakfast buffet and the company of fellow bloggers that had also taken part in the Driving the Midwest Chicago photo challenge, I was given the opportunity to take the Chevy Volt out for a cruise down Lakeshore Drive.

Now, electric cars aren't my usual preference.  I'm not "green", except when I have  stomach flu or if I am seasick, but the Volt was pretty impressive and fun to drive.  It runs so quietly and has so many informational displays that it feels like your driving something right out of the Jetson's.  It also doesn't lack in pick up.  It has some sweet torque. There is no doubt that the Volt is a glimpse into future travel and the future starts now.

After the test drive I hobbled wandered around the car show with Tracy to have some fun and check out some of the newest eye candy that the 2011 model year has to offer.
The New 2001 Camaro Convertible makes me look good!  
The 2011 Corvette definitely fits my style!

  Can't you just imagine me yourself cruising around this summer in one of these sweet rides?

This car is so HOT, they had to write a song about it!
So head down to the Chicago Auto Show this week and check out the sweet rides, new technology and extreme eye candy that awaits.

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