Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Off!

My body clock is off.

My sleep schedule is off.

My home routine is off.

My appetite is off.

As usual, my sense of humor is waaay off.

And today just happens to be my day off.

All of these are mostly due to my having gone back to work outside of my home and computer screen.

After several months of searching, applying, interviewing and being rejected, I have graciously been given a job accepted a daytime position, where else, but behind a bar.  Yes indeed, it is a natural fit.  Let me tell you how it came to be.....

Having scoured the want ads and craigslist fairly religiously and getting little to no response to my inquiries and/or applications, I landed an interview at an establishment that was about to re-open under new ownership and management.  The interview went very well and I had a good feeling that I wasn't going to get rejected, yet again this was going to work out.

Throughout these past months of searching, my application/resume would quickly wind up in the circular file once it is realized that I have been at home raising my children for the past 17 years.  This place however, is fond of hiring moms like me for their ability to handle controlled chaos with ease and calm.

So, I waited for that phone call. and waited. and waited.  It never came.

I was bummed and deflated.  I really had a good feeling about this one and it seemed I had been wrong.

Saturday a week ago, were the local St. Patrick's Day parades and Mr. Weasel and I decided to take the afternoon together and get our St. Patty's pub crawl on.  We have always wanted to do this together and yet, in all of our years together, it has never happened.  It didn't happen this year either.

By happenstance, our first stop was this particular establishment, now opened, that just like all of those dates in college, never called me back like they said they would.  We went in, bellied up to the bar and I had just started sipping on my first beer when I ran into the woman who had interviewed me.

I congratulated them on opening on time, yada, yada, yada.......and she said, "Hey, you were on our hire list!  We called you!" and proceeded to pull out my highlighted application and show me.  The call had never come in.  Maybe it was a mis-dial?

Anyway, at that particular moment I didn't care.  They were a bit overwhelmed with the parade crowd and needed some extra hands.  I offered to start immediately and was tossed an apron.

Talk about baptism by fire!

Twelve hours later and my first shift was complete.

The rest will someday be ancient history.

Don't worry, you will still find me around these parts too and I will update you all soon.

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