Sunday, March 6, 2011

Summer in February

Yes, I do indeed know that it is now March, but due to time and a failed root canal that led to a nasty apses, ungodly pain, oral surgery, fever, inability to speak, eat, drink or type coherent sentences anyway (I love you vicodin, you are my friend),  I am only getting to tell you about this cool adventure now that I am coherent as I ever actually get.

Anywho..... Two weeks ago I was invited to head out of Chicago for a little getaway weekend, in the middle of FEBRUARY!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I will take any excuse to leave this gray and frozen tundra at this time of year, even if it's to remain at the same latitude.  So off to the gray frozen tundra of Sandusky, Ohio I went along with Tracy of Just Another Mommy Blog and a really cool ride that I will tell you about later this week.

I can hear you now, "WeaselMomma, Cedar Point Amusement Park is in Sandusky and certainly they are not open during February.  So what in heaven's name were you doing in Sandusky??????" Slow down gang and I will tell you!

Yes, Sandusky is the home to the coolest roller coaster park in the country that  also happens to be a personal favorite of mine and no, they aren't open for the season yet.  However, Cedar Point also happens to have an indoor water park hotel/resort, that is Castaway Bay!

After a fun 5 hours of girl talk, laughter and road tripping, Tracy and I arrived at the resort and felt immediately as if we were transported to Jamaica.  The warmth, decor and scenery made me completely forget about the below freezing temps and winds that were outside these walls.  It was girl time in the summertime!

We checked into our room, threw on our suits and headed straight to the water park.  Sitting in poolside lounge chairs Tracy and I enjoyed more than a few libations as we imagined ourselves on the beach in Montego Bay.  We raced each other on the water slides, hit the wave pool and I enjoyed my first time ever riding a WATER COASTER!  We were having just as much fun and probably more as any kids that were there.

We were on a tropical vacation, in the middle of February, in North East OHIO!

That night, we were invited to attend a special event held poolside at the spa on the first floornwhere you can enjoy a massage, mani/pedi's or throw a private party. We were introduced to local service providers whom you can contract for your party, such as a hula hoop fitness instructor and a plastic surgeon specializing in botox.  No, I didn't get any botox.  Do I look like I need any?  Hey, stop laughing.  Even the Bare Minerals Spa Rep couldn't find anyplace on this Picasso, umm, I mean Michael Angelo,  to put some wrinkle hider.

After the event, Tracy and I hit one of the restaurants for a late night snack before heading off to our Caribbean slumber.

The next morning, we hit the water park for some more fun, splashes and the company of fellow bloggers before it was time to enjoy more girl road tripping on the way home.

More about the road trip itself, to come soon.

If you decide to take this Caribbean getaway yourself, be sure to tell them that I sent you so that they can look at you funny and have no idea what you are talking about.  Same thing if you decide to spend any amount of time at the spa.  BTW, there are special offers available to you if you do and you can use this handy little button for the hyperlink to those offers.

*These are my own words and opinions. Accommodations were provided. All other expenses were my own.

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