Saturday, January 23, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Give Blood

Friday morning on Suburban Wow, Melisa and I had special guest, Stephanie Elliot of joined us to promote her 3rd Annual virtual blood drive. Bloggers and blog readers are encouraged to to join in this online giveaway for a good cause by donating a pint of blood through your local collection facility (Red Cross, Heartland or anywhere). It's fast, easy, virtually painless and Melisa and I even made it fun.

If you couldn't tell or if you are new to World of Weasels, Melisa and I tend to have fun wherever we go and donating blood was no different. Upon entering Stephanie was all ready to take the pics while Melisa and I started the minuscule amount of paperwork to ensure that the people who would be receiving our donations wouldn't be endangered in any way, like say being infused with hepatitis, although having Coors Light infused platelets may be something they would enjoy.

We bantered and laughed all through the questionnaire and it was obvious to anyone in the facility that we were very familiar, fond and comfortable with each other. So much so that we were mistaken for a couple. Probably because they notice the way that Melisa looks upon me so lovingly. This was a first for me, being confused for a lesbian and did not give me any extra confidence in my new haircut, that I had just received the day before. C'est la vie, it gave us a really good laugh.

After our pin prick iron tests that were passed with flying colors, mine being a really strong 15 and Stephanie announcing that was a "Man Iron number" (does anyone else happen to notice a trend here?) it was donation time! Back in the comfy chairs Melisa and I were quickly prepped and ready to save lives like superheroes.

To add to the fun of the morning, I suggested that we race to see who could donate the fastest. Melisa agreed, mostly for the sake of pacifying me, but soon her natural competitive nature of "go big or go home" came shining through. There was trash talk as we tried to monitor the progress of ourselves and each other. We were in hysterics. Never has doing a good deed been so much fun. The attendants were laughing at us and having fun as well as other donors watching the insanity ensue around them.

I'm pretty sure they double tested our blood for substance abuse.

In the end, both Melisa and I donated in some pretty fast time. 4:59 for Melisa, and 4:53 for me. To top it all off we treated to drinks and snacks when we were finished. All the sugar you could possibly want was yours for the eating, while we sat with Stephanie and had a little girl time.

Five minutes of my life was all it took to offer life to 3 other people. One poke, no bruise and a chance to win some fabulous prizes.

I challenge you, my dear cherished readers to join in the fun and save a few lives in the process. I will give shoutouts and link love to all those who donate and send their pics to on Suburban Wow
Just have your picture taken while donating and email the photo to, but I will buy you a beer if you manage to beat (and document) my time of 4:53 when I see you in person.

Not only have you saved 3 lives, yes -each pint can save 3 lives, but you will be automatically entered to win fantastic giveaways donated by sponsors such as Airline tickets, gift cards and gift baskets. The photos are posted on Sundays by Stephanie, complete with link love. It's A win, all the way around.

*You can read Melisa's version of events, here.

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Melisa Wells said...

I'm pretty sure they double tested our blood for substance abuse. That made me LOL! They probably did! :)

And...NO FAIR! I have a bruise the size of Los Angeles.

Bad Momma said...

That is awesome! I am wondering though, what proof is your blood? I'm sure it's "Top Shelf"!

terri said...

I'm not surprised the two of you made this event such a fun experience! Everything is an adventure with you two!

What a great cause and a great way to spread the word!

Tara R. said...

You have me in hysterics! Good for you and Melisa (with one S) and your life-saving heroics.

Tom said...

Blood donation is a wonderful thing! Costs nothing, they treat you nice, and you get to save lives. I first started donating years ago when a co-worker's daughter was undergoing a transfusion, and he confided in me as to how very scared he was. A lot of people in our office went to donate blood for the first time ever, myself included.
Good for you all!

Michelle said...

So glad you guys had a great time. So bummed I had to ditch :( I will be making it to my donation center soon though. Next week perhaps. Or perhaps the week after. Depends on how my iron is doing.... I may have to figure out how to document the blood timing, but can I get something OTHER than beer? ;)

WhiteBullie said...

Real Live Super heroes, did you wear your capes?

SEO対策 said...

That's a good thing, isn't it?

I have donated blood, but only one time...

Anonymous said...

"Doctor, I just don't understand it, ever since I got released from the hospital all I crave is Coors Light. How can that be?"

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