Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boy Weasel Has finally Done it!

OK, blog readers I, Boy Weasel, (for my 13th birthday) have gotten the privilege to write a blog post. So for my one post, Weaselmomma is making me write about my birthday:'(

So where to begin,...... Seriously where should I begin? I'll just tell you about what's happening in my life. Let's start with video games, I loves 'em! I can basically beat anyone at any video games. My best game is probably Pokemon XD Gale of darkness. One of my favorites is on the computer, Though art dead.

Next, I found out I amz athletic and smarticle around my 10th birthday. So I has been runnin' track(the only one on the team who really cared about it) ever since and now I am pulling my grades up so I can continue. Me and my friend, Monkey Man, were about the only male runners(Monkey man and Piemaster are just about my best friends but not all of them, I couldn't think of snappy nicknames for them.)
Piemaster stood us up there, but we're still friends. You should probably know that they are brothers. Also that Monkey Man looks like monkey and Piemaster likes pie. He always says he loves it more than me but not today! So anyways, hence their names.
So this is my first day of being a teenager.... Any suggestions? Please leave comments on that. I guess this is the end of my post, NOT!;) OK yeah, I guess it is because I got to get ready for school. This post was actually written boy Boy Weasel, now 13!:)

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Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...


Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Monkey Man and Piemaster. Gotta love it. Do they call you Boy Weasel? Happy Belated!

Eric said...

Teenager Advice:
You may think that your parents do not know what you're going thru. But they do. They were teenagers once too.
Make more friends with cool names like MonkeyMan and PieMaster.

PJ Mullen said...

I totally appreciate the logic behind his friends nicknames.

Happy 13th Boy Weasel!

Astaryth said...

Happy Birthday... Let's see if I can come up with a good piece of advice: Thinking back to when I was 13, I would have to say my best piece of advice is not to be in any hurry to be 14 ;)

terri said...

I'm confused...

The Microblogologist said...

Happy birthday! My suggestions for you on being a teen:

1. Remember your mom totally rocks, even when she seems lame, hang out with my mom if you want a real example of lame ;)

2. You may think you are right when fighting with the parents, it is unlikely you are.

3. Don't get impatient waiting to turn 16 or 18, enjoy what you have now at 13.

4. Keep in mind that your brain chemicals and hormones are going to be out of whack for awhile, try not to do anything rash or get all emo on everyone ;)

5. Just be yourself, you are a really cool kid and Niecey and I enjoyed meeting you last year. Thanks for being willing to play with her, not all older kids are willing to play with younger kids, it made her so happy that you were and we both adore you for it!

Busy-Dad-E said...

Happy Birthday, Boy Weasel! Welcome to your teenage years. If you haven't already, you should buy Weaselmomma and Mr. Weasel a drink tonight. Nice use of "Webdings" as your font. Thankfully Word was able to translate for me.

Melisa with one S said...

Excellent post, Boy Weasel! I'm trying to think of suggestions for you as a new teenager, and although I would love to be extremely funny and snarky, I know that your mother would be really good at paybacks, so I guess I'd have to say that my suggestion would be to do some new and fun things, as long as they are not illegal and don't get in the way of your education. :)


Lynette said...

AAAHAHAHAHAHA.... I love it.

1 thing: You may be getting older, but your parents were your age once. And I'll bet you they did whatever it is you're thinking of doing to.

Happy Birthday!

seashore subjects said...

Happy Birthday! I love pokemon XD Gale of darkness too and I have 11 NEW PUPPIES.
~comment by Boy.

Congrats on entering teenhood!

Tara R. said...

Woohoo! Happy 13th Birthday. Loved the nicknames you had for your friends. Advice for a new teen: always listen to your mother, she's brilliant!

Teacher Tom said...

Sweet. Boy Weasel rules!

The key to being a teenager is to understand that none of the other kids know anything either.

de-I said...

Ok Boy Weasel - I had to read this twice before I realized it really wasn't Weaselmomma writing.

Advice for the teenager. You only have to do it once and it only gets better as you go on.

Laura said...

Thanks Busy-Dad-E for letting me know my computer wasn't having a meltdown! Luckily, Word translated for me, too, much more easily than I had anticipated. Happy Birthday!! Happy Teenagehood! You do have the best mom in the world, so try to bear with her!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Happy Birthday Boy Weasel!! Way to go on the blog post!! You rock!!

WeaselMomma said...

@ JEVE ~ OK "JEVE" first no, they don't call me Boy weasel. Thank you for sending me a Happy birthday and I'll be sure to do this to you on your birthday!

@ Eric ~ Um, Eric, I'm pretty sure my parents were never teenagers, they were born adults. I'll take your advice and give my other friends cool names too! Like Sarge and Mr. Chocolate.

@ PJMULLEN ~ Thank you PJ! You probably understand the logic more than I do because I didn't use much logic at all. Thank you!

@ ASTARYTH ~ How did you know it was my birthday!? Anyway, thank you for the advice and I'm 58% sure I'll end up using it, maybe.

@ TERRI ~ No, it's "I'm Confoos-ed!(according to Piemaster anyway)" But, I'm confoos-ed too!

@ MICROBLOGOLIGIST ~ How do you know such advice? Are you a teen?! I thank you, I am sure I will use all of the advice except for most of #1.

@ BUSY-DAD-E ~ Yeah! They'll be out all night! Man I couldn't of asked for a better you! Oh, and thank you for noticing my font choice, it was quite unique wasn't it? Thank you!

@ MELISAWITH1S ~ Please be funny and snarky(whatever snarky means)! I thank you on your advice, but can I change that last sentence to "Do fun stuff ESPECIALLY if it is illegal and is in the way of my education." Yeah, that's better.

@ LYNETTE ~ Seriously?!?!?!? My parents were once kids?:? I thought they came from parent trees! I don't know, I am thinking about doing some seriously dumb stuff. Thanks for the Happy Birthday!
P.S. the dumb stuff is classified

@ SEAHORSESUBJECTS ~ Awesome! Have you figured out how to purify Lugia?! If your not that far yet I can help you. But if you are that far please leave me a comment on how to purify it!? Please! I'll be your bestest buddy! Thank you!

@ TARAR. ~ Thank you. My friends already love their nicknames and being on the internet! And I know my Weaselmomma is smart! Bye!

@ TEACHERTOM ~ I know I rules! But according to you, that is all me and my friends know too! OK, you got me there, we don't know much else. OK! We don't know ANYTHING else at all. >:(

@ DE-I ~ Don't worry it's me, Boy weasel, that's my name, yup, not Weaselmomma, nope I'm Boy weasel. Believe me, I'm not sure I want to do any of this of which I'm about to do ever again.

@ LAURA ~ So, your computer melted? I know my mom is the coolest mom. Didn't about 10 of you already say that? But thanks for the Comment! It means a lot to me and my mom too.

@ CHEFFIE-MOM ~ Happy birthday to me? YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Thank you for saying way to go on the blog post and that I rock. You hear that Piemaster!? I rock! Thank you!

K'man said...

Boy Weasel,
I think you totally rock! And while your parents NEVER could have been your age, they still know alot. Give them a chance to help you navigate life over the next few years. When you get confused or overwhelmed, don't forget that they are on your side.
You need to do this at least every year.

Me said...

Dude! Your post rocked my socks!!! I think it has all been stated, but I thought I'd chime in with my own happy birthday to YOU, as well as to tell you to let me know when you start your own blog. I think that there is a good writer in you, and when you're ready to start honing you skills, I'd like to be there to watch! Happy teening!

The Devoted Dad said...

HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY Boy Weasel! Keep up with your running, and the grades, both are good for you. A little 13 year old advice- Don't compete against anybody other than yourself. You will always be able to improve on you, but not on others. After all, no matter what place you are in, whether 10th or 1st, there is always room for improvement in everything you do, from being a good runner; to being a good student; to being a good person! (ok, more than "a little" advice). Take care World of Weasels! Jason

The Father of Five said...

Ahh.... The teen years... Ain't they grand?

Welcome to teenagedom Boy Weasel, and to Weaselmomma... my condolences...

(I have one already through the teen years, one half way through, and a third just entereing... All boys... All fun... ALL THE TIME!)

Michelle said...

That was so cruel to make me open up another post to read this. *sigh*

I love the word "smarticle". I'm going to use it from now on. Thanks!

And suggestions? Do what makes you happy and figure that out. Don't do things to make other people happy. You lose yourself, and it doesn't work long term. And yeah... your parents are right. Not about everything, but about enough. You want them on your side.

Mrs4444 said...

Happy Birthday!! My bit of advice is to avoid girls for at least three more years; we are more trouble than we're worth, seriously.

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