Saturday, February 6, 2010

SIDS Research Breakthrough

Major news broke nationally this past week that researchers have found a biological cause for SIDS. While this is very good and exciting news in the SIDS community, it is also being sensationalized in the media as a larger informational breakthrough that will impact our children's lives immediately.

To bring you information on what this research means for parents of infants and expectant parents, I went to Pam Borchardt, Executive Director of SIDS of Illinois, an expert and SIDS Mom, who can break down the information, explain what it means to you as a parent and inform you what you can do to to lower your child's risk to fall victim to SIDS.

I personally have worked closely with SIDS of Illinois since the death of my daughter, Claire, on July 2nd of 2002. Although hers was a heart related cause and not SIDS. I have met countless parents in extreme grief who never thought in a million years that SIDS would happen in their family. I implore you to get educated (visit SIDS of Illinois' website) and practice safe sleep with any baby that you care for. SIDS of Illinois is an organization that is not only involved in research but also offers bereavement services for parents and families that are grieving the loss of a child, offers education to parents, childcare professionals and to first responders, so that they can thouroughly peform their duties and avoid causing damaging nightmare scenarios, like Mr. Weasel and I experienced on the day our daughter died.

Visit the SIDS if Illinois website. Educate yourselves, your families and anyone who cares for your baby, in the belief that every baby should live and if you decide to make a donation, feel free to make it in the name of Claire Weasel and I will give you a heartfelt thank you and a link love shout out on World of Weasels.

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