Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Help Me, Help You

This blogging thing has really been a great addition to my already full life. It has brought me much joy and entertainment, new people in my life that I consider to be real friends and audience to listen to, and surprisingly be entertained by, my Weaselisms.

Unlike the elite few and in solidarity with the masses, blogging does not generate any income to speak of for me. Sure, there is the odd ad sale. Yes, with a book review I receive a copy of the book so that I have some thing to review. The same goes for Christmas cards or most any other reviews. I don't mind doing the occasional review, I just want to do a review of something that I could really have fun with, entertain my readers and positively contribute to the Weasels way of life.

Let's face it, most reviews are kind of boring. I want to do some reviews that would not only be of benefit to me (if the product is good) but also be beneficial and entertaining to my readership and honest at the same time. Needless to say, I have some fun ideas in mind.

Just this morning as I was shoveling the driveway before first light, I thought to myself, "Ya know, if a company wanted me to review their heated driveway system, I could make a video of myself standing in my cleared driveway, pointing and laughing at my neighbors at 5 am as they break their backs shoveling before going to work for the day".

I've also thought thought that an electric fencing company would be a good fit for World of Weasels. Having a soon to be 140 lb Mastiff, many people have told me that an electric fence isn't strong enough to hold one back. If you really believe in your product, you install one here and have me review it! I would make a video having all kinds of fun testing the fence! I could start by testing it myself, with Mr. Weasel holding a cold Coors Light just on the other side of the fence. Then I could allow the dog to play in the yard and see what happens. Next, I could hide the collar in Mr. Weasel's pocket as I hold a plate of stuffed cabbage rolls just over the border! Last but not least, we let the Mastiff and her best buddy, the St. Bernard that lives behind us, play in the yard together. If your product is up to that kind of honest testing, what could be a better advertisement?

With a family of 7, including 2 teens, 2 adults and a ten year old who hogs the hot water like Cleopatra ate grapes, one of those continuous hot water heaters would be a perfect item to review. I am always the last one to get into the shower as everyone else has to be ready to head out for the day before I. You can only imagine the video I would come up with for this one!

Makers of adult beverages can count on me to give honest gut reactions of their libation to my readership on camera!

As long as you are willing for me to be honest, rigorous and fair I would be willing to allow you to use my videos for PR.

Not only could your company benefit from the review, if your product is truly as rough and tumble as my family, but I too would benefit, if it is, and so do my readers who trust me to be honest, funny and entertaining.

So PR people, help me, help you!

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