Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Airing Dirty Laundry

A.  I just got back from a wonderful social media summit that was a damn good time chuck full of helpful information, ideas and tidbits.

2.  I only mention that to tell you that I got to spend some time eating, drinking and laughing until I wonder if I will ever get total bladder control back after birthing all of those babies.  Don't even mention the work kegel to me.  You don't know how long, hard and often I laugh.  I would turn into the Arnold Schwarzenegger of girly parts and wouldn't want Mr. Weasel to get hurt.

C.  Speaking of TMI, throw seven women, extreme exhaustion, a few libations, good food and a lack a shyness around a table and realize that the public never really need be subjected to us the topic of an ad campaign that encourages women to You Tube videos showcasing their old, grungy, stained and granny panties is not surprisingly going to be the first topic of conversation.

D.  You will also hear outrageously funny stories like a woman, at the office, spread eagle on a table with her dignity around her ankles and a doily on said woman's butt and you no longer find the concept of having to buy Depends someday nearly as cringe worthy as you had just 20 minutes before.  They suddenly become a useful concept in your life.

E.  When a gentleman standing near your table overhears a soundbite of that conversation, you now are an ideal candidate to make that You Tube video, even if he feels the need to go bleach out his ears.  After all, you now have all the required materials.

6. Someone will decide, with the help of the think tank made up of fellow bloggers drinking with them surrounding them, that she could use a tampon as an antenna ornament, because after all Mac users have those nifty little Apple stickers on their car windows to tell the world that they are too good to use a PC.  smarter than the rest of the world. fell for a marketing ploy. well, Mac users.

I took lots away from this media summit, but most of all I reaffirmed that I LOVE MY JOB!  I can work in my PJ's. I can dress up, live it up and hob nob with some of my favorite people. TMI is not necessarily a bad thing. There are always new friends to be met and gosh darn-it I can pitch depends!

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