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Christmas In August? ~ Cleveland Rocks pt IV

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Last Wednesday was definitely chuck full Cleveland-y goodness and fun.  Our tour group ran around from morning until night enjoying just a small fraction of what this city has to offer.  After hanging out in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame our next stop would be the house from A Christmas Story.  I love that movie and it is definitely a Christmas tradition enjoyed in Weaselville.  I always watch the looping marathon while wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve.

I had so much fun listening to the brief history of how the house became a museum and then getting to run around and play inside.   Oh yes, Weasels love to play!

I got to hide under the sink.
Played in Ralphie and Randy's bedroom.

Hanging out with 'Randy' himself was a Major Award!
Yup. Ian Petrella, who played Randy in the movie, just happened to be at the house on a promotional tour and was gracious enough to chat and pose for pics.  That was cool.  I managed to only spend about a bajillian dollars in the gift shop that was full of fun novelties to have, like a leg lamp cookie cutter and other Weasel must haves. They have an online store too.

From there we headed to one of my favorite places,  I forgot how much I miss living in Cleveland. The Cleveland The Metroparks Zoo.  It really is a world class zoo with viewing exhibits that bring you very close to the animals, while keeping life comfortable for them.  There is a new Elephant exhibit opening in May 2011 that will be one of, if not the, world's finest.  They have a one of a kind indoor rain forest and starting just this summer and running through Labor Day, you can interact directly with the animals by HAND FEEDING THE GIRAFFES!
This is my buddy Travis.
This was an incredible and mind blowing experience.  They were so gentle and sweet while almost acting like puppies seeking attention and affection.  This is an absolute must do.  I will never forget it and can't wait for the chance to go back and do it again.

We did so much cool stuff in Cleveland that I can't even fit it into four posts!  The last thing that I will tell you about the absolute awesomeness that it Cleveland is Wednesday evening our group had a chance to enjoy the nightlife of 4th street in Downtown.  Serendipity struck and the next thing I know I was hanging out and having drinks with the drummer for Ted Nugent, Mick Brown.
Mick, Myself and the Waiters Thumb
Okay, so now that you have enjoyed Cleveland with me, how would you like to enjoy it with your family?????  Through the awesomeness that is WeaselMomma the fantabulous sponsors of this giveaway, I am giving away a 4 Day/3 Night vacation for 5 to Cleveland!!!!!!  All  prizes have been furnished by the individual attractions.

To enter, simply answer these quiz questions from this four part series correctly.  One comment with the answers and your contact email is all that is needed to be entered into the random drawing.
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  • If you want to follow me or subscribe to my RSS feed, I'd love you for it.If you want to follow me on twitter, I'm @WeaselMomma and I try not to disappoint.
  • None of these are necessary, but all are appreciated.
  • Giveaway ends Sunday at midnight CDT
Here's the quiz:
  1. Where is my hometown of my grown-up years?
  2. Why do I love thrill rides?
  3. What is the name of the biggest audiophile I've ever met?
  4. What's my giraffe buddy's name?
  5. What makes WeaselMomma so awesome?  In 500 words or less.  (If I'm not making you jump through hoops for entries, I'm allowed to have some fun with you, right?)
*My trip was sponsored by Cedar point, Positively Cleveland, the Toledo Zoo & the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  However, all words and opinions expressed here are my own, cause that's how I roll and what my readers deserve.Stumble Upon Toolbar

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ThePeachy1 said...

I totally want to participate in this, but I have the cognitive skills of a twig, and the memory of a dog fart. So unless I hire a PA or a Neuro Surgeon or you ask 80's movie or music trivia ( which I remember like the savant I am) then just like blogher and SYTYCD I will watch from the sidelines.. I still love you like warm banana bread.

terri said...

The Christmas Story house??? That seals the deal. I have GOT to go to Cleveland!

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