Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

I can't get my two active brain cells to work in conjunction with each other long enough to actually write a full blown article, so I'm just going to hit you with some bullet points of what's been swirling around in my mind.

  • School starts today for Eldest Weasel, next week for the rest of the gang.  This bums me out.  I love summer and having the Weasels home.  This summer went by at the speed of light.

  • I still need to chase down school supplies, clothing and shoes for the gang.  That adds up to parting with massive amounts of cash.

  • We are running very low on toilet paper.  It is imperative that I get to the store early this morning.

  • The rate with which the Weasels tear through toilet paper leads me to believe that they are constructing and escape rope from it.  Maybe I should find and use that escape rope myself.

  • I have been applying for positions waiting tables/ bartending at some of the local family establishments that I'm very familiar with, to no avail so far.  A fellow patron/friend pointed out that they can't afford to hire me, because I was on the other side of the bar their sales would tank.  With friends like mine, who needs hemorrhoids?  I made him buy the next round.

  • The developers of the ground zero mosque are lacking basic human decency.  Even if they legally have the right to build there, they are obviously lying about their motives for building 560 ft from ground zero.  They originally claimed that their intention was to honor the victims of September 11th and their families.  Yet, when those families are outraged, offended and outspoken about their disdain for this project, along with much of the country.  Even after having been offered numerous incentives to change location and with the knowledge that they are causing people anger and pain, these people push forward with the project.  That equates to a lack of scruples, basic human decency and honesty in my book. 

  • This Friday will be the next episode of Suburban Wow, with special guest co-host Dawn Meehan of Because I said so.  Tune in, as Dawn is highly entertaining and oodles of fun.  She's had a crazy week and will be able to keep us all in stitches.

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