Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tiarra Wearing Bloggers Go Shopping!

A few weeks back Melisa wrote this post @ Suburban Scrawl, spelling out just how much she dislikes everything and everyone at her local super mega low mart that is where she does her shopping. I have been there and have to say she is right. It is a miserable experience.

I laughed myself half to death at her expense and suggested that we do a blogger outing to my local grocery store. The one that gives Disney world a serious run for the title of "Happiest Place on Earth".

We agreed to meet up this past Friday, at the only place that made sense for Tiara wearing bloggers to meet, Claire's. This way we could sift through the racks for clearance priced tiaras. Just because we're princesses doesn't mean we're not frugal! We had the store to ourselves with the exception of the 3 employees who were looking at us strangely as we tried on every tiara in the place. We donned our tiaras and headed for Woodman's (the SUPER market) where we would shop like royalty. Mr. Weasel would meet us there with the video camera and we would get a v-blog out of the day.

Being women that have our priorities in order, we decide to start in Woodman's liquor store while we wait for Mr. Weasel to arrive. They have a great selection at least 4x the size of any grocery store liquor department. We peruse the aisles giggling like school girls stalking the cute boy in class. I became downright giddy with laughter when Melisa popped with child like excitement at the rare find of 'He'brews ~ the chosen beer'. I totally lost it with laughter and all I could say was "you guys even have your own beer?????". For a woman who 'doesn't drink that much' she sure is passionate about her booze. This lady knows what she likes.

I call Mr. Weasel to see what's taking so long "I'm on my way out the door". I can handle this, as we only live 2 minutes away, and Melisa and I move into the wine section. We laugh at the names on the labels(Wiener Dog White and Kick A** Red, just to name two) and debate whether or not to pick up some Manishevitz just for a laugh.

*Don't tell Melisa~but she and her tiara were attracting attention and stares from everyone.*

I call Mr. Weasel. He hasn't left yet. What's up with that. Yup, he's leaving now. Okay. We check out of liquors with lots of Holiday Cheer and didn't manage to get carded (what's up with that?), but we did get a few chuckles and move on to groceries where they have the hugest selections and the way cheapest prices in a clean, nice and friendly environment. I have heard this place referred to as 'Trader Joe's on crack". And it is, only cheaper. We swagger through breads and produce where Melisa begins to fall in love with this place in much more than a platonic way.

Mr. Weasel calls. "where are my car keys?". He hasn't left yet??????? " They are on the mantle, Where we keep them". "Ummmm, No they're not", is his only reply and he continues looking. Ugh. I shake my head and we girls keep shopping. We head off into meats (and yes, I managed to touch Melisa's meat. I did it when she wasn't looking so I wouldn't get my butt kicked) and run into a guy pimping samples of this stuff with fried pork. I can't help but comment as we pass "Snap-pay". "Pork for the Princess?" was his immediate retort as he offers me a sample on a toothpick. Of course we start laughing yet again. It turns out that this guy is the creator and his sauce is pretty darn good. I ask Melisa if she wants to try one, because it is yummy. She answers, "No, I can't. But you go ahead". Once again I am in stitches. This hanging out with a Jew thing is gonna take some getting used to.

I call Mr. Weasel. "didja find your keys yet?". Nope. I look at Melisa, "I don't think he's coming". So much we move on. This is my life. I don't even expect and different anymore. I offer Melisa that we can check out the hams, but remember to swiftly move passed bacon. I'm catching on, but we are getting loads of mileage out of my moronic tendencies.

We want some pictures, so we stop a couple of shelf stocking clerks and hand them the camera. They take our picture while trying to hide the fact that they think we're nuts. *People are still looking laughing and pointing at Melisa* We decide that all of the woman are jealous and all of the men are thinking 'don't let my wife see this'. We continue up and down the aisles, tossing necessities into our carts and grabbing all of our baking supplies. $2.00 a pound for butter, you can't beat that price.

I call Mr. Weasel. "Find 'em yet?". Nope. "You do know that you have 10 minutes to get Smallest Weasel to school". Oops, no. He forgot. Ugh. Melisa and I rush through the remainder of our lists and hurry into the checkout lanes. We figured out that thanks to Woodman's I spend about the same amount to feed my family of 7 that she spends to feed 4.
On the way out one woman stopped us to say that she loves the tiaras and what a fun idea.
I think Melisa found her new grocery store and I found a new shopping buddy. You have never had so much fun doing something so mundane! This was a shopping trip fit for a princess.

I rush home to get Smallest Weasel to school. She was a little late, but it's pre-school - no big deal. When I returned home what do I see????? Wanna guess????? Go ahead, I'll wait..........................................................


I have a feeling that Melisa and I will be doing this again very soon. You have to check out her sister post to this if you want a good laugh and a behind the scenes look at the WeaselMomma.
*I so forgot all about about the recharging the batteries excuse*

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Melisa Wells said...

I totally forgot about "Pork for the Princess?" LOL!

That was soooo fun. We'll have to do it again, as long as you make a key necklace for Mr. Weasel so he is able to make the school delivery! :)

Mrs4444 said...

You've inspired me. Gonna go get my tiara and head to Walmart! Not. Alone would just not be as much fun, now would it?! :)

terri said...

My cupboards are nearing empty and I just don't want to shop, but now I know the cure. Find a buddy and wear a tiara. I wonder how my hubby will feel about wearing a tiara?

I think Mr. Weasel was faking not being able to find his keys. It's a ploy to stay uninvolved in the tiara wearing-grocery shopping-video taping event, I tell you! Make him do it, and soon!

AutoSysGene said...

I keep threatening to wear my tiara to the doctor's office...this just might be the week.

I'll have to get pictures!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi - new reader linked in from Terri.

As a fellow Heb - I loved the H'Brews - big LOL.

As Terri will tell you I'm a bit of a food guy so any store that has 4 TIMES the liquor space is ok in my book.

Bryan said...

I just have to say that I love Woodmans. I do all of my grocery shopping there.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Aww.. that looks like fun...

I ONLY go to WalMart early early in the morning....
much less crowded....

Chris H said...

You girls look fantastic in your tiaras! AS for Mr Weasel not being able to find the keys... obviously he had a 'boy look' ... not a girl look. Girl looks always work!

nonna said...

looks like yall had fun. i don't think i've acted that silly out in public in ages. it's so much fun!

Tom said...

Keys were in plain sight and he didn't see them, but you did? Wow. I wouldn't know anything about that. Nope, never has happened here.

WeaselMomma said...

@ Melisa ~ We have too. That was too much fun. Maybe I can pin the keys to his coat.

@ Mrs4444 ~ You can do it alone alone too, but is more fun with someone else.

@ Terri ~ I'm hoping that if were trying to avoid us he would have been smart enough to at least hid the keys out of sight.

@ Melissa ~ Do it! Do it!

@ de-l ~ thanks for coming by. I hope you become a regular.(PS, Terri is great!)

@ Bryan ~ I dare you to wear a tiara the next time you shop.

@ Magnolia ~ You have to try it.

@ Chris ~ I can see you doing this too. And when you do, I want you to post.

@ Nonna ~ it's a hoot! I highly recommend it.

@ Tom ~ oh, I'm sure you have no experience in this area.hehehehe

Anonymous said...

I was telling Melisa that you all should have ended the trip in the liquor aisle as well.

Put your car keys in the same place every time? Where's the adventure in that?

Momisodes said...

I'm totally stealing my daughter's tiara and heading out to the store.

I SO wish I lived closer. This sounds like fun!

Michelle said...

Trader Joe's on crack, huh? You're starting to sell me on this Woodman's thing that freaks me out each time I see it on tv. Maybe I'll have to hit the one in C'ville one day when I have some extra time before or after preschool dropoff!

Gretchen said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog today!

And, Woodmans? Do you live in WI? I used to see them when we lived there (Oshkosh) but I always thought they were kinda high. But the store was in Appleton so I wasn't gonna drive up there just to shop. But, looks like you gals had a lot of fun! Sounds like you two could have fun at a funeral! hee hee hee

Bad Momma said...

Looks like you guys are having too much fun. AND getting your chores done to boot.

Looks like Mr. Weasel bought you more spa time with that key trick!

Unknown said...

If i ever get to your town, I want to wear a tiara and go shopping with you.

Anonymous said...

I just read this. Its hilarious! I LOVE doing odd stuff in stores. I'll have to write about it. Putting humor in your life makes anything fun! Except a visit to the dentist.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

LOVED hearing both sides of this story. I only wish there was a Woodman's around here!

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