Friday, June 19, 2009

Dream A Little Dream With Me

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I know that we all dream every time that we sleep, but it is not very often that I manage to remember any of my dreams. This morning however, that is not the case.

Last night (actually present night, as it is only 4am) I had the oddest dream and I remember it. I dreamed that we had an icky yucky filthy little mouse burrow it's way into the house and had built a nest under the oven, sustained on cat food stolen from the cats dish. It scurried out of it's hiding place while I was sweeping and talking to Mr. Weasel. I freaked out by screaming and jumping up the counter tops and chairs in stereotypical cartoon-ish caricature form.

Now I know many of you and saying to yourselves wussy "What's so strange about that?" or "I be grabbing hold of the ceiling too". The strange part is that I was petrified of a field mouse.

Come on now. We are the Weasels. We keep rodents as pets. We have had countless hamsters and a couple of mice - as pets! We currently have a guinea pig, hamster, 3 toads and 3 cats. I am constantly foiling the cats plots to eat the other pets. I hold and pet the little glorified rats. I actually feel affection for the little disease carrying pests. I have a special place in my heart for these rodents. Go figure.

That is, the ones that I have stupidly paid for and housed by choice. Sure, I would quickly dispose of any uninvited house guests. I would have no qualms about snapping their little necks in a trap ridding them from my home, but I wouldn't or shouldn't fear them like the maid in old Tom and Jerry cartoons.

So folks, have fun. Analyze the heck out of this and tell me your theories about this doozy of a contradiction.

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Melisa with one S said...

My first thought?

"You were sweeping and talking to Mr. the SAME TIME? Wow. That's talent."

My analysis? I'd say that you are up to *here* with pets and you don't want any more.

Either that or, you have decided that if you ever get a dog, you don't want a chihuahua.

Either that or, you're resentful that Mr. Weasel let you sweep instead of taking the broom from you.

Either that or...meh. I give up.

Jason said...

It's a fear of invasion. Or you're just a big fraidy cat who's secretly afraid of itty bitty meeses :P

Anonymous said...

So you have an established family of rodents - and you are dreaming of a new unexpected rodent appearing and living in the home.

Have you and Mr Weasel been doing anything else apart from talking over the sweeping recently?

Bella Daddy said...

I'm with first thought...PREGNANT? LOL...but, hell , I am a dad, what would I know of dreams? I like to snore :-)

Sadia said...

My last appointment with my therapist involved a conversation about dreams. Her school of thought is that all the characters in our dreams, particular entities we don't think of often, are reflections of some part of our selves.

If I'd had that dream, the meaning would be clear. My house needs cleaning.

Apok said...

You probably just forgot about the part of the dream where he's a cousin of one of your other mice. But he comes from a bad part of town. He likes to get drunk on cheese and poop in your toaster when you're sleeping. So naturally, you'd be averse to him.

The Microblogologist said...

I wish it were possible for mccarey and Bella Daddy to be right, I would love having more weasels to read about! My interpretation is that you have been watching too much Tom and Jerry with the urchins ;)

Doug @ Daddy's Tired said...

Dreams are odd sometimes. There are a few that I think must mean something, but more that I think happen because I ate too much.

dad in training said...

why dream the dream with you can live the reality. we had mice this past gross. I think we got it under control but I still catch myself looking for little mice clues (damn those things poop a lot)

Andrew's Daddies said...

I think it's the spirit of that rodent you froze to near death and god only knows what other tourtures you put upon it. He was coming back in your dreams...

surprised mom said...

First of all you screaming like a girls and jumping up on the counter to avoid a mouse is so NOT you. If you didn't want it, you'd pick it up by it's tail and toss it out the door, or do that other thing you mentioned.
So? Dream analysis? I have no clue. I dream strange dreams all the time. A psychiatrist would have a field day with me. Besides, I thought Melisa's answers were pretty darn funny!
The only thing I can think of is that you want to smack someone with a broom. No?

DCUrbanDad said...

I am going with Pregnant too. I would prefer mice over the rats in my DC backyard.

Tom said...

It was the pizza and beer. Definitely. Whatever night that was, it finally came back. Or, the Guinea Pig got out of its cage in the middle of the night and was burrowing under your heels while you slept, looking for a celery stalk.
Yeah - I got nothing.

KWG said...

Could be about not being able to control something - or sometimes mouse-fear is only mouse-fear.


Happy Fother's Day as I say!

WeaselMomma said...

@ melisa ~ Your theories are stranger than my dream. You are right about the Chihuahua.

@ Jason ~ You are way closer than Melisa.

@ McCarry, Bella Daddy, Micro and DC ~ Not a chance in hell. I don't even have the right parts any more.

@ Sadia ~ Maybe I do need to clean.

@ Apok ~ Now that I just finished puking, I'm gonna say no.

@ Doug ~ Hmmm, yesterday did incur a solid diet of hops and barley.

@ Dad in Training ~ Ewww, I hope they don't come back.

@ Andrew's Daddies ~ Not only did you make me laugh, you may be onto something.

@ Surprised ~ I don't have any clue either, but these answers are a hoot. The smacking with a broom may be my underlying wish.

@ Tom ~ you do crack me up. Dirt may have been involved.

Otter Thomas said...

I don't know what it means. Maybe you just like Tom and Jerry cartoons. I dreamed that Braden had 6 big scary teeth last night. Clearly teething is on my mind.

Mocha Dad said...

That's it. I'm calling PETA!

Michelle said...

Hmm, I'm not good at dream analysis, sorry. I do love hearing the odd dreams other people have. My husband thinks I'm nuts for the long, in depth, bizarre dreams I have.

Bummer that not everyone is living in harmony in your family though!

de-I said...

I believe that since Weasel's are predatory animals that feed predominately on rodents, I believe this dream represents your weasely sub-conscious revolting against the abomination of predators such as yourselves being demeaned by keeping prey as pets.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

This means that you are afraid of something but you don't know what.

You didn't know I was a dream analyst did ya?

Mrs4444 said...

I am clueless. Sorry.

terri said...

You are afraid of what lives under the stove and that fear manifested itself into a field mouse in your dream.

Seriously. I have no idea.

NukeDad said...

It's obviously the cat. Everyone who reads your blog knows that if a mouse actually DID have the gonads to walk out from under the stove right in front of you that you'd have him folding laundry, finishing his homework and packing his lunch for school.

The cat is sneaking into your room at night, and instead of sucking the breath out of your mouth (like in the Stephen King/Drew Barrymore movie), it is whispering subliminal messages into your ear; thoughts like: "Catinp for the garden" or "Less rodents, more Felines." He's probably a Union cat and is trying to get some of those "shovel ready" jobs for his Tom cat friends.

The Microblogologist said...

I remembered your post where you said the weasel making factory was closed, that is why I said I wish they could be right cuz I'm with Mr. Weasel and want more weasels! Of course if Niecey has her way there will be two more ;)

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