Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Field Report

To: Santa
From: Forward Scout, Jangle Elf, 1st Class
Location: Suburban USA
Re: Observations
Date: 12-15-2009

Naughty ~ When a shopper at the checkout of a shoe store informed the clerk that she no longer wanted the boots she was set to purchase, because she had believed that they were discounted much more than they had scanned for, he begrudgingly removed them from her bill with a sigh and an eye roll.

Naughty ~ The next woman in line wanted to use a coupon. The clerk refused to accept the coupon, stating that it was only valid at location Y. When the woman asked if the clerk would call location Y and ask if they had this item in stock (common happening in this store), so that she could just go there to make her purchase, the clerk sighed and rolled his eyes before replying "if you want".

Nice ~ A third woman in line, overhearing the woman's decision to not purchase the boots, informed the woman of a different local store where she could purchase the boots at a lower price. Grateful for the advice and directions the shopper went on her way.

Naughty ~ After checking out with her purchases, the third woman wished the clerk a Merry Christmas, which was clearly heard and ignored.

Nice ~ Monkey Weasel was incredibly brave and tough. On Sunday her ear began to ache. She didn't complain and went to school on Monday. Monday night stated that it hurt, but wasn't running a fever and she still went about her chores without complaint. She went to the doctor on Tuesday after starting a fever and found out that she had a bad infection in the ear. So much so that there is a perforation in her ear. This is incredibly painful and she has been quite a trooper.

Naughty ~ A 6th grade teacher gave her class a project assignment that she clearly could not expect the students to do themselves. Bake a cake model of the Earth, complete with a core, mantle and crust. Iced to resemble how the Earth appears from space and that can be cut into revealing the layers. I'm pretty sure this teacher just likes cake.
~ WeaselMomma decided that teacher would not be receiving a tin of homemade Christmas cookies. She should really work on forgiveness.

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Melisa with one S said...

I think the cake looks GREAT!
(BTW, this is a very nice comment and I'm sure if I celebrated Christmas, Santa would arrive at my house right on time.)

Anonymous said...

What exactly did the teacher DO with all those cakes? Sometimes I am completely flummoxed (it's a word!) by these sort of homework projects. What I'm thinking now about those sorts of teachers would definitely put me on the 'naughty' list.

I hope Monkey Weasel is feeling better.

Tom said...

I think it would have been hilariously funny if you'd given your Earth cake an iron core. "But, it's accurate!" you could say.

Bonus points if the cake has a magnetic field.

Heinous said...

I'd have been on the phone with that teacher. I'd have also mentioned that if she wants her cake, she'll have to bend over first.

NukeDad said...

When did Al Gore start teaching the 6th grade? A cake from EVERY student? No wonder he's so fat.

terri said...

That teacher does NOT need cookies. She'll have plenty of cake. You're not being unforgiving. You're doing her a favor by helping her watch her waistline. See? NICE!

Eternal Lizdom said...

OK, that cake thing is ridiculous!! There is no way I'd have been able to do that BS! I think you get a "Nice" report for helping and doing and not beating the crap out of her.

Great post!!

PJ Mullen said...

A cake for homework? Have schools gone soft? That is nuts. But a fine representation of the earth as a cake, although I echo Tom's sentiment that an iron core would have been cool - and quite the surprise for Ms. (or Mr.) Frostingface.

Michelle said...

Nicely done with the cake! And I'm with ya on that teacher -- the liking cake part AND the no homemade cookies part. Yikes!

And ummm thanks for the note on the ear. Mister Man complained about his ear Monday. Last night he cried and cried and woke up crying at 10pm that his ear hurt (and he doesn't cry when he isn't having a meltdown). This am, he said he was fine. I'm now fearing a perforated eardrum. I have an appointment for the 21st on something else... am I naughty for considering waiting until then to go? *sigh*

Otter Thomas said...

The lack of Christmas spirit bothers me. Shame on the Naughties and kudos to Monkey weasel for being a trooper.

I would have baked a sheet cake and told the teacher the earth was flat.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Tom on this one. Yet another reason to keep buckshot in the house, even if you don't have a gun. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

WeaselMomma said...

@ NukeDad ~ The cake does resemble Al's models on the effects of global warming. I might get an 'A' yet.

@ Michelle ~ If he starts running a fever, take him in.

@ Otter ~ Funny, Mr.W had a similar idea for me.

@ Fear ~ Now you know what to get me for Christmas!

Viv said...

That teacher has no need for X'mas cookies, that teacher has plenty of cake to eat. That would have made me crazy!

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Maybe the teacher and the clerk are related? Oh, and Monkey Weasel is very brave, indeed (OUCH!)

Mrs4444 said...

You're so funny :) Keep up the good work, Scout~!

seashore subjects said...

Come now Scout, if we are forgiving the boy who delighted in his mother's indiscretion, shouldn't we forgive the poor overworked mother? Forget the clerk - he's paid to be merry and accommodating - he fails.

WeaselMomma said...

@ Melisa ~ Since when does lying put anyone on the nice list?

@ IfMomSaysOk ~ I'm going to be nice.

@ Tom ~ That would have been great. If only I kept iron in the pantry.

@ Heinous ~ Oh, I was tempted, but am trying to get on Santa's good side.

de-I said...

I should have thought of that cake idea when I was coaching soccer. Maybe I could have gotten some sort of tactical situation soccer field cake.

Sue said...

So funny!
Is one of your weasel's in 7th grade. One of mine is studying the layers of the earth too,, but she compared hers to taco pie. Ugh.

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