Monday, December 7, 2009

My Christmas Card To You

Last week I posted snapshots of The Weasel Christmas Card Photo shoot and today unveil to you the finished product. The cards were produced and furnished by Naptime Productions who asked me to review their product in exchange for providing me with Christmas cards so that I had something to review. I agreed as long as they were willing to accept an honest review from me and *I am not being paid for this review*. I even paid for the shipping of the cards to my home.

(Notice, the signature script has been changed by me, because let's face it you are all a bunch of internet freak nut-jobs and I need to protect my family. The original signature is beautifully scripted and elegant.

The cards are gorgeous. I really love them. They are the nicest Christmas cards that we have ever sent out. I have never had professional cards made before, basically because I am too cheap to do so. Usually I just take a snapshot to my local 'pick a template, type your names and pick up in one hour' dime a dozen providers and done. They are cheap, easy, acceptable and bland.

Naptime Productions managed to take the same picture that I would have used for the low budget and looks like it card and turned it into something with class. They are beautiful.

Their website was incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate. They offer many options of templates and layouts and provide cards for any occasion. They cover the bases for not only holidays, but invitations, announcements and anything else you could want to send out.

Their customer service was quick, easy, friendly and helpful while ensuring that they were producing exactly what my vision of the card was. They also offer extra add on services such as having the return address printed on the envelopes, assembly of the cards and having a jpeg of the card sent to your email for posting and emailing to friends and family.

The turn around from the time I ordered the cards online and received them in hand was incredible. I believe it was 3 business days. I ordered on a Sunday evening and I believe (but don't remember exactly) they arrived on Wednesday.

Mr. Weasel's reaction when I showed him the finished product that was delivered to my door was "Wow. Those are really nice. I am going to feel like a total cheapwad next year".

Yes, the only downfall of these cards is that you get what you pay for. They are not the kind of card that fits into the Weasel family budget, no matter how much I wish they did. For 100 of this particular card the cost is $200. Add on the return address printing on the envelopes for another $25, assembly of the card for $44, a jpeg file for $10 and $11.50 in shipping to get a grand total of $289.50. This is all before I buy postage to mail the cards.

I know of many people who spend much more money than I on holiday cards, so maybe this isn't above the norm of what many families spend on cards, but this cost is steep in relation to what I could normally spend to have cards made at this time of year.

In conclusion, here is my report card for Naptime Productions Cards.
Website Navigation A+
Customer Service A++
Cards Themselves A+
Turn around Time A++
Cost C

If you are looking to have any kind of card made up in the near future, I do recommend that you visit their site and decide for yourself what your budget can allow.

And by the way, I am such a cheapwad that you can consider this my Christmas card to you. Wishing you all the joys of the Season and the blessings of Christ. Except of course for my Jewish readers whom I wish a Joyous Hanukkah and may your candle of love for God never burn out.

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Otter Thomas said...

The card looks great. They are way out of my budget though. I would have to cut out gifts to afford cards. My wife is the card person, but I think we will stick with Wal-Mart.

Tara R. said...

I like that you used a collage with the 'unposed' snaps. Beautiful card... it's going on the mantle with the rest of my holiday cards.

Me said...

BEAUTIFUL! Your card looks GREAT - I'd say most of that is due to your ridiculous and adorable family pyramid photography, tho! ;)

PJ Mullen said...

I'm the same way with photo card things. My wife has insisted on them since our son was born. Since they can get quite pricey, I usually look to have them ordered and done by the end of October when the place we've used has a 30% sale. Very nice, they came out great. Thanks for the card, your internet freak nut job.

WeaselMomma said...

@ Otter ~ The cost is the only downside to these cards.

@ Tara ~ I thought it came out nicely and Weasel spirit came shining right through.

@ Me ~ I do love the candid pics that came out of the photo shoot. They scream Weaselville.

@ PJ ~ I am definitely a no-frills kind of chick, but I do enjoy nice simple things. These cards are great, but pricier than I could afford.

Kerri said...

Thanks for reviewing us! We love working with playful candids like yours. In case you are shopping in the future, we also offer many moderately priced photo cards for less than the polished design that you chose.

The cards are a luxury item, but I treasure my collection of photo cards from each year. Merry Christmas to all and to all a happy and healthy 2010!

Heather said...

That is so awesome, I really love it- and it is SO WEASELVILLE!

But you are right-- It is totally pricey-- It was almost as much as my wedding invite!

Mike said...

Very nice card. The family looks like their having way too much fun....

Michelle said...

Well geez, you took away my snarky comment of what were you going to send to Melisa ;)

Those are great cards. I haven't even started to figure out how many cards I need, let alone done the rest of that stuff. Yikes. I love how you have the photos that are perfect and ummm fun in there. It's a great show of personality. I'll be waiting for mine to arrive in the mail anyday now. ;)

Melisa with one S said...

I also think it was a great idea to use the goofier shots on the side...but STILL no Matilda the Hun! WTH???

I'll take her if you don't want her.

Sue said...

Thanks for my first internet card of the season! It is beautiful and does show the family dynamics!

The price would be a huge issue for me, but not for others (I imagine).

WeaselMomma said...

@ Kerri ~ It was a pleasure working with you and Naptime productions. I will have to peruse the less expensive options.

@ Heather ~ You get what you pay for. These are gorgeous, but pricey.

@ Michelle ~ I hope you posts yours when you get them.

@ Melisa ~ You can't have my dog. Maybe I'll let you dog sit sometime and pretend that the awesomeness that is Matilda the Hun is yours.

@ Sue ~ I truly do love the cards though.

terri said...

LOVE them! I had something similar in the works but the rest of the family boycotted it for a more prim and proper version. My version was more fun!

seashore subjects said...

I love it! The pics down the side make the card. However due to budgeting I will be making my own this year.

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