Thursday, December 10, 2009

Naughty or Nice?

I don't want Terri, Terri Quite Contrary to think that I suck, so I am going to play around and have some fun with this meme.

What do you really want for Christmas but you know nobody will get it for you?

A winter (or year round) home in Texas. I'm done with cold and snow. With an in-ground pool 8000 sq. ft, pool house, full time staff and the money to pay for it all. A girl can dream, right?

What do you not want for Christmas but you know that somebody will get it for you?

Dart shooting, noise making toys from the dollar store to drive me crazy. My brother sends them every year and I curse him for it. He does it on purpose and sends enough for all the Weasels to play with.

When do you open your gifts (Christmas eve or Christmas morning?)

Gifts from family are opened on Christmas Eve after Mass. Santa makes his rounds when all of Weaselville is asleep and leaves gifts for everyone to open Christmas morning.

Do you prefer gifts wrapped or in gift bags?

I like both and don't really care, but pretty gifts to unwrap are always great fun until you open them and find dart shooting, noise making toys from the dollar store.

Did you regift anything this year?

Not a re-gifter, that is unless I receive a gift that I really don't want and you really like. Then I will just give it to you, but not in front of the person who gave it to me and I always try to be gracious unless it is noise making, dart shooting toys from the dollar store.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story and Scrooged are on the very top of my list.

What’s your favorite Christmas t.v. special?

A Charlie Brown Christmas will always hold a special place in my heart, but Christmas Eve on Sesame Street -the original special from my childhood still makes me laugh like crazy and brings back memories of watching with my Dad as a child. We really enjoyed the way that Oscar torments the living daylights out of Big Bird throughout the show about how Santa is too fat to fit down the chimney and thus isn't coming. Twisted, funny, stuff. I love it so much I am embedding the entire thing here from youtube clips.

Do you like eggnog?

Yes, especially Southern Comfort non-alcoholic egg nog -add your own merry. It's rich and delicious.

Real tree or fake tree? Which do you prefer?

I prefer real for the scent in the house, but not for the needles that I find embedded in the rug come July. We use an artificial pre-lit tree because I am usually the one to put it up and take it down. The less work the better.

Would you actually use one of those fireplace DVDs if you don’t have a fireplace?

No. My brother gave me one a few years back with the dart shooting, noise making dollar store toys of torture. He thought it was great, I found it cheesy. It's still packaged on my DVD shelf, I think.

Are you sick of Christmas music yet?

I have been trying not to overdose on it, but am tired of the same old, same old and want some new classics to listen too. Maybe Melisa will introduce me some of her Hanukkah favorites for a change of pace.

Are you getting up early to wait in line to do some Boxing Day shopping?

Nope. Not only do we not celebrate boxing day in the States, it will take a lot to get me out of my warm cozy robe and home when I don't have to be. I don't do Black Friday shopping either.

When was the last time you sat on Santa’s lap?

Last Christmas Eve after the Weasels were are nestled and snug in their beds. It worked and I got what I wanted for Christmas. Naughty or nice, you decide.

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Tom said...

Yay! Another Southern Comfort Eggnog fan! That's all I'll buy any more, it's the best. I did not know about the Sesame Street special - will have to see if that's available on DVD.

Merry Christmas to all of the Weasel family!

PJ Mullen said...

Nothing like Southern Comfort egg nog with brandy and kahlua watching Scrooged and finishing Christmas shopping from comfort of your own couch online. Now THAT is a happy holiday.

WeaselMomma said...

@ Tom ~ They do sell the DVD, but it's not an easy find in stores. Preview it all here and then decide if you want to buy.

@ PJ ~ I typically just add Southern Comfort, but your recipe sounds nice to try.

Michelle said...

So sorry I misssed your birthday extravaganza (Happy birthday btw!) but I have been nutty BAD busy for a week now :( On the plus side, my house is fairly decluttered after two parties at my house in the past four days!

So ummmm how do you feel about the noisy toys you get sent every year? I couldn't quite tell. And when you get that house in Texas, do you promise to let me come visit? My wreath froze to my door today. *sigh*

Otter Thomas said...

I love your Christmas movie choices. I have never had eggnog believe it or not. I am going to make a move into that arena this year. I wanted some reindeer glasses like Clark Griswold, but Arica said the only ones she can find are $50. So plastic cups it is.

terri said...

You are the most unsuckiest person I know! And especially because you are the first (and so far only) person to take me up on doing the meme!

I had forgotten about Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. Good stuff!

WeaselMomma said...

@ Michelle ~ Love then dang noisy toys, especially if they shoot darts.

@ Otter ~ Egg nog is good, but will make you very fat, very fast with it's richness.

@ Terri ~ This was a fun one and I had nothing on my own worth posting. I think you're pretty un-sucky too.

Heather said...

Bwahahahahahah! I am *that* aunt, the one who gives the awesome loud, annoying noisy toys that shoot darts :)


Rock Chef said...

We love giving loud toys! Especially the ones that go off at the bottom of a toy box, forcing you to dig right to the bottom to switch it off.

Overall, I would say you see nice.

Mrs4444 said...

This was fun. My kids would love your tradition of opening family gifts on Christmas eve. (Shhh! Don't tell them about it!

Tales of Cheerios and Sleepless Nights said...

Oh my gosh!!! Christmas Eve on Sesame Street! That was my most favorite Christmas special when I was little. I completely forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder!

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