Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Went Out Last Night.....

Or at least that is what I feel like I have been saying all week.  Most of the regular readers around here know that my regular routine involves getting up early (4am) and going to bed early (8pm).  This week has been very busy and thus I am becoming very sleep deprived, so I am going to to offer you some tidbits that help sum up my week.

  • Sunday Night I stayed up past my bedtime watching an AMAZING hockey game between the USA and Canada.  It was worth the lack of sleep to witness the USA's 5-3 win.
  • Monday evening Mr. Weasel and I had an incredible meal with a dear friend who was in town briefly.  The company was terrific, the food delicious and the night memorable.  Due to travel times and train schedules, I didn't get home until about midnight.
  • Harry Reid showed his propensity for sticking his foot in his mouth by stating the out of work men are becoming violent and beating their wives.  My Weasel stated to me that if he ever starting beating me, it would have nothing to do with his work status*.  I think that NukeDad would agree.
  • Tuesday night Mr. Weasel and I went to a comedy club to watch a friend perform.  The show was great and afterward we all came back to Weaselville.  During a brief skype call with my dear friend, Dear Mr. Man, it was revealed that Mr. Man is friends and colleagues with our friends father.  It's a small world full of serendipity.  I didn't get to be until around 1am.
  • Yesterday brought Olympic Hockey to dominate the day in Weaselville.  Team USA beat the Swiss in one of the oddest games I have ever watched.  I fell asleep around 10pm,  after watching Team Canada beat the Russians (7-3, I think was the final- I was drifting off by the end) in a game that the Russians didn't seem to realize they were supposed to be competing in.
  • Yesterday also brought with it twitter trash talk between my Canadian tweep Huckdoll and myself about who would bring home the Gold in Men's Hockey.  A small friendly wager has come about.  When Team USA wins the Gold, Huckdoll will sing the Star Spangled Banner on video and post it.  *IF* Team Canada pulls of a miraculous win against the red, white and blue, Huckdoll will send me a Team Canada Jersey to don while I humiliate myself on video stating that Huckdoll was right and I was wrong.  Stay tuned for the fun.  The Gold Medal game is to be held on Sunday afternoon.
That should have you all caught up on the goings on Weaselville.  Come back soon to find out what happens next.

*Mr. Weasel, nor NukeDad would never lay a hand on a lady or even me for that matter, but anyone who knows me realizes that they have extreme powers of self control.  Domestic Violence is no laughing matter.

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