Thursday, March 4, 2010

Men Love A Little Mystery

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I don't know whether it is because it ads a little danger and romance to a relationship or because there are some topics they they would much rather 'play ostrich' with their heads buried firmly in the sand. I suspect it's a mixture of both.

Today, I will destroy all sense for mystery for you in an attempt to help be more tolerant of the amount of time and money your wife spends on beauty you be a better husbands. Married men don't always have that luxury of staying in the dark when it comes to womanly issues, no matter how deep they stick their fingers in their ears and chant 'lalalalalalalalala'.

Men enjoy the view of a beautiful and well kept woman. Married men puff out their chest a little with pride and joy with the thought of 'she's with me'.

What men tend to give little thought to is the process and work that it takes for a woman to have that attractive and well kept look. Mainly because it's like much like sausage, everybody loves it, but you don't want to know how it's made.

There's always the cliche comments, complaints and jokes made about how much time a woman spends in the bathroom primping before going out. Quite frankly, it's a part time job all by itself to look good and one that most men, even those in special forces, would cringe in fear of.

Women intentionally apply hot wax to the most sensitive parts of their faces (upper lip, under and over the eyebrows & occasionally the jaw line and chin) with the sole intent of ripping it off quickly. This hurts people! Much more so (and much more effective for ripping all those tiny little hairs away) than ripping a bandaid off.

We then follow this masochistic behavior up by using tweezers to individually rip out the stubborn little suckers who refused to vacate our faces with the wax. This is all before we ever get into swimsuit season and the waxing process that is way to graphic and mentally scarring to detail here. Just think about doing this to yourself the next time you root for your wife to go Brazilian. *Creepy fetish types, need not comment*

We women use facial scrubs that feel like sandpaper and every moisturizing serum we can get our hands on, just to keep our skin clear, soft and supple and looking beautiful. Just the way you like it.

We take careful care when applying our make-up with deliberate strokes. If we don't we will come out looking like a streaky faced clown or will continue to apply layer after layer - like when trying to paint a wall evenly - until we wind up looking like Tammy Faye Baker, and no body wants that.

The most arduous task among our of our beauty rituals is that every 6 weeks we are required to get a full 2 1/2 hour process of clipping, scrubbing (sometimes with a razor blade) referred to as a mani/pedi. It is best to have this professionally done in a specialty salon that has on hand wine and chocolates all of the necessary equipment to make sure that this tedious task is done properly.

So fellas, the next time that you are late getting out of the door because your wife is still primping or you open the credit card bill and want to throw a hissy fit about the amount of money your wife spends at the salon, keep in mind that she sacrifices her time, pain and modesty all for you and the moment she looks into your eyes as you are puffing your chest.

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