Friday, March 12, 2010

A Peek Inside My Head

This has been a busy and tumultuous week in Weaselville. Thus, I haven't posted anything since Monday. I know that your lives are no less busy than mine, but that's the excuse I am going with. Live with it.

I still can't wrap my head around the events of the week enough to write something coherent in good form, so I am giving you a tour of the scary little place known as The Mind of WeaselMomma in the form of some fragments.

~ I learned that when serving homemade soup, that you consequently let get to a rolling boil by not paying enough attention to it, it is better to ladle the soup into a bowl for serving purposes rather than directly into the palm of your hand.

~ Cats will always puke during the overnight hours and Mr. Weasel's bare foot will be a magnet for finding it on his way to the light switch and coffee pot.

~ Old Man Winter is in his death throes here in the Windy City and I have every intention of dancing on his grave. I will however plant flowers to mark the event.

~ If you give a geek the opportunity to dress himself, he will choose these and call them the "Best, Most Awesomest shoes ever" no matter how humiliating they are to the rest of the family. Geeks will also rock these gorilla feet with the same confidence that Kindergartners rock sparkly red glitter shoes with green tights and a sun dress.

~ This weekend we change up those pesky clocks and gain an extra hour of sunlight in the evening hours. This day is as happy for me as Christmas and the last day of school.

~ Some people are very apprehensive about their children starting to drive on their own. I however and counting the days until Eldest Weasel begins driving and I am not playing chauffeur nearly as much.

~ If the GPS were to give Mr. Weasel driving directions to Canada via Peru he will follow it blindly like a Siren's Song. I however am the rock that he crashes into.

~ Now don't forget to stop by Mrs.4444's for some more lovely fragments and Dad-Blogs for the awesomeness that is Dads and Fatherhood Friday.

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