Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Tuesday Tidbits

Today I have some tasty little tidbits to offer you that just couldn't wait for Friday Fragments - Hosted by the lovely Mrs.4444.

  • If a dog chews up the toothbrush of a 7th grade boy with a hair lip, it will take said boy 2 1/2 days to mention to you that he needs a new one. I told you that hygiene isn't their top priority.
  • 7th grader, will however, think it is really fun to brush the dogs teeth with it.
  • Even when you are used to receiving regular, multiple emails from teachers about chronic missing assignments from a particular Weasel, you will still cringe every time a new one shows up in your inbox.
  • When you open a cringe inducing email and it informs you that a different Weasel unexpectedly is slacking on their assignments, you will do a happy dance just because it wasn't the same chronically slacking Weasel.
  • When a certain Slacker Weasel actually completes a writing assignment, you may be blown away by a writing ability that you never knew dwelled inside of them. This is a description of the picture on a book jacket written by said Slacker:

  • New York lays in fog of the coastline. A boy close by holds a sword in his right hand and a minotaur horn in his left. The raging waves crash against his jeans and his orange T- Shirt. His shaggy black hair rushes in the wind. The salty taste against his lips. The smell of raw fish floats through the air. He is sopping and doesn't seem to care. Is he a hero or a criminal? That is hard to tell, but I have my suspicions. The sky is black and various clouds surround a single bolt of lightning.
  • Mrs444 wrote a post today linking to newbie bloggers to offer them support:
"Remember back in the days when you first started blogging? You hit Publish and then waited by the computer to see if anyone would read it. You made the rounds to other blogs to introduce yourself, set up a reader, and slowly became immersed in the phenomena that is blogging. And that comment thing? It's what you checked first thing, or every chance you got throughout the day. Validation, friendship, positive reinforcement; it became your crack"

  • I still do all that. Like a fiend. After almost 2 years. I can't see that feeling going away anytime soon.
  • Today is March 2 and the season of mean is in full swing, but with more hours of daylight and bidding February farewell and good riddance, hope of once again being warm and enjoying outdoor activities is beginning to seep back into Weaselville.
  • When Smallest Weasel wakes up at 5 am, she will be tired, whiny and falling apart by 7am. Just in time to try to get her ready for school.
  • When Smallest Weasel does this 2 days in a row, you will consider stabbing a fork in your own eye; 1- Because it would be less painful to deal with. 2- Because a trip to the ER sounds like rainbows and puppy dogs compared to dealing with her and getting out of the house on time.
  • I need a laundry wench.

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