Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Have a Really Funny Story

that I can't post, even though I really want to. In it's stead, I will tell you this one and you can know that yesterday was ripe with comic relief.

Yesterday was the Cubs home opener. Mr. Weasel shared his train ride into the city with the raucous and libation enjoying fans during the morning rush.

In Mr. Weasel's own words, "4 milfy blonds on their way to the game got on the train". Being the consummate gentleman that he is, Mr. W got up to offer these women his seat, so that they may sit together. In their gratitude, the women poured Mr. Weasel "The best Bloody Mary I ever had". Yes, he got the recipe.

The women talked amongst themselves while Mr. Weasel stood next to their seats. The conversation took a turn in which a proclamation was made, "He is such a fag!", in reference to someone who was not present and then immediately the woman turned to Mr. Weasel in apology, "No offense to you".

Only in Chicago. Well probably not, but I still got a good laugh out of the deal.

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