Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thanks, Kid

Unlike all of you beautiful people, I don't always take the time to primp and prepare to look my best. On busy days with no social appointments on the agenda, I don't bother with hair or make-up. Undergarments are sometimes as close as I come accessorizing. Jeans, t-shirts and ball caps are my 'mommy uniform' for getting things done.

I have been known to occasionally drop off the Weasels for school while still wearing my pajamas. The Weasels don't care as long I sit really low in the seat and under absolutely no circumstances including a car fire am I too exit the vehicle. C'est la vie. When I'm busy, I'm busy.

So the other day, still exhausted and playing catch-up after my trip to Galena, I was rocking a bad hair day the ball cap and no make up the natural beauty look of my mommyhood as Middle Weasel approached me. She had her shoes on the wrong feet, one sock up and one sock down, a headband that completely clashed with her skirt and half of the shirt un-tucked.

MW: "Hey Mom, can I borrow your hat?"

Me: "What for? Why do you want it?"

MW: "I'm just trying to see how stupid I can look!"

Me: "Thanks, kid".

You never see this kind of thing in a Hallmark ad.

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