Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Boy and His Dog

There is no doubt that ever since Matilda the Hun joined the ranks of the Weasel Family, she has been well loved by all.  She is loyal and loving to all of us in exchange.  However, Matilda and Boy Weasel have turned into the classic cliche of a boy and his dog.

Being a pony dog, Matilda is not aloud on any of the furniture, including the beds.  Boy Weasel wanted to sleep with her from the very beginning, so he came up with a solution.  Boy took all his bed clothes and turned them into a makeshift sleeping pallet on the floor of his bedroom that he shares with the dog at bedtime.

Boy hates leaving home without her.  He walks her and cleans up after her.  They play together for hours on end before cuddling up on the living room floor to watch some T.V. or take a nap.  He's already started lamenting about how he is going to take her to college with him and he doesn't seemed phased by the idea that will happen over my dead body can't happen.  He's still only 13.

I derive much joy from seeing how much they love each other and what a special relationship they have.  It also often makes me chuckle to myself.

So the other day, while watching them cuddle together, I mention to Boy in a mock-serious voice that they love each other so much that I am just waiting for the day the Matilda contracts rabies while saving Boy from a rabid wild boar.  I continue on that it might turn out to be a cougar or mountain lion that Matilda meets her demise from while protecting him.  Further more, maybe it will be bear that attempts to attack Boy and gives Matilda the chance to go out as a hero.

Boy just looked at me a chuckled a little, when Middle Weasel inserted her two cents from upstairs, "Mom, why don't they just stay out of the woods?".

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