Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Go Jump in a Lake

After all, that it was I am doing.

Right now, I am sitting on a back porch of a summer cottage overlooking a breathtaking view of Lake Erie.

I have done this just about every year for the past 14.

I am with the Weasels, a dear friend and her beautiful children.  Mr. Weasel is home making the scratch so that we can do things like, go on vacation.  Dear friends husband is doing the same.  So for one week every summer, I get some downtime with the Weasels with a side of girl time with a friend that I only get to see once a year.

We go jump in the lake.  We take the kids for a day at the beach and some years when the stars are aligned, like this year, we take the gang to Cedar Point.

I'll keep you all updated as the week goes on and hopefully post some pics.

Now, I'm going to go jump in a lake.

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