Friday, July 23, 2010

There's A Storm Brewing in Weaselville

Yup, yours truly just stepped in it. Big. Time.  There is a-storm-a-brewing in Weaselville and I am in direct path of its eye.

First, some back round information.  Eldest Weasel (16) has been miffed at me for a few weeks now (that girl sure can hold a grudge), ever since I turned down her request to allow her to drive 4 hours to Indianapolis with some friends to attend a Justin Bieber concert.  After all, his Chicago show is sold out and the next logical thing to do is to let my teen leave the state with my car and my money to go see the tot/tween heartthrob in Indiana.  I am such an unreasonable Mom.

Eldest somehow is completely enamored with him, even though his core fan base seems to be six to ten year old girls.  Even her younger sisters point and laugh tease and mock her about her taste in heartthrobs.  Boy Weasel thinks he's kind of cool things that make you go Hmmm.

On a seemingly unrelated note,  my sister who lives many states away, is visiting here right now with her family.  They are on a cross country driving vacation and stopping to spend time with family in many different states.  I mentioned before that she wanted us to meet up with them in damn near Canada the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and join them for camping with her husbands family.  I don't camp.  Weasels nest in fluffy comfy beds with cable and wi-fi.  The Weasels kind of liked the idea, well except for the camping part, but quickly and easily accepted as gospel truth that there was no way in hell I was driving them 9 hours to camp.

Anywho, yesterday my sister and her family arrived here in Weaselville.  Eldest Weasel was off at an amusement park with her friends and would not be home until very late yes, there was adult supervision.   As we chowed down on some pizza, my sister started showing me some of the vacation pics that they had taken. They were all lovely and looked like a lot of fun was had, but one in particular really jumped out at me.  It was the one with my 7 year old niece sitting and kicking back with Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah.  It turns out that Justin and my brother in law are cousins.

Eldest Weasel is going to be waking up soon and you know the first priority of her siblings is to show her the pics of the camping trip.  Yeah, they can't wait to see the fireworks show.  I have no idea where they got such a sick and twisted sense of humor.

Yup, there's a storm brewing in Weaselville and I'm left holding a lightning rod.

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