Friday, August 20, 2010

Some of Ya'll Are Creepy

There is no doubt that I love my readers, both new and old.  Without you, I am writing into a black hole of cyber space.  What fun would that be?  I am grateful for comments left in this space and want to buy a drink for each and every one of my regulars.

The vast majority of those who find themselves on World of Weasels, do so in search of a high quality read.  Poor suckers.  Many of them stick around here anyway and even come back again and again.  I appreciate their never say die attitude and perseverance to hunt down a diamond somewhere within all this rough.

Today however, I am going to share with you some of the more scary strange odd creepy amusing interesting search terms that have led people to this very site.

The priest, hamster and tube of KY jelly ~ I clicked on this search term and do not suggest that you make that same mistake. 

My Sweet Weasel ~ Whoever searched this deserves an umbrella in that drink.

I Love Weasels ~ Right back atcha!

Tramp Wife ~ Dude.  Seriously?  One stinking photo of my cleavage and I'm branded for life?

12yo boy mature ~ This person can feel free to lose my URL.

Benefits of Weasels ~ Of that there are many.  This list could line and entire hamster cage.

Chicks dig weasels, weasels dig chicks ~ M'kay.

Real men play with their weasels ~ You should check with the SPCA before moving forward with this one.

Weasel with rat face ~ Ouch!  I hope this person didn't find what they were looking for here.

What do weasels do most of the time ~ Oh, that's easy!  Weasels love to run and play while approaching the sound barrier, constant raiding of the pantry, leaving trails of there whereabouts behind them and avoiding homework at all costs.

How big do weasels get ~ With the help of blogging and spending way to much time avoiding the gym I have an ongoing experiment on this topic.  Preliminary results are pointing to a growth rate of 10-15 lbs per year for adults.

I love my readers, but some of ya'll are creepy.

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