Monday, March 22, 2010

Awesome Winners For an Awesome Giveaway

The Winners of the Wrap Yourself in Awesome Sauce Sweatshirt Blanket giveaway are:

Charlie on the PaTpk, author of the blog Nobody asked me, but....
and is generously donating his six blankets of choice and his World of Weasels blanket to SIDS of Illinois to sell as a fundraiser.  Thanks Charlie for supporting an organization so very close to my heart.

Crystal Arcand of will soon find herself snuggled in the warmth and softness of her World of Weasels Sweatshirt Blanket with extra warmth in her heart from the knowledge that 6 Custom Blankets will be donated, thanks to her, to Operation Christmas Child.  A fantastic organization of her choosing.

And thanks to all who entered.  Remember Sweatshirt Blankets the next time you are seeking a fundraiser for your school, scouting troop, non profit organization or even family reunion.  They definitely get the WeaselMomma seal of approval, something that doesn't come easily.  Read about it all here.

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