Monday, March 8, 2010

A Woman Has Needs

Yes, we all have needs. Women, myself included, need more than just wistful wants and pedicures urges with erstwhile pacifying effects. We have lustier needs, deep in the core of our beings that will bring us long lasting satisfaction and hot, steamy, emphatic pangs of joy over and over and over again.

Of course I am talking about my needs. My personal, sanity saving, full tension relieving, do-it-yourself everyday to full and complete satisfaction, kind of needs.

That's right. Yours truly, is lacking in full satisfaction. I need to go from 0 to "Oh my, that is incredibly hot" in 10 seconds and maintain it for up to 45 minutes, minimum.

I have been a full time Mom for 17 years now. I live and love my life daily as I try to keep this 3 ring circus running smoothly. I devote myself to my family, but I need a little sumptin' sumptin' just for myself.

That little Sumptin', is a tank-less, continuous, hot water heater.

I can never shower in the morning before I have to leave the house, because the hot water has been already all used up by people who have to get ready for school or work.

I can never shower while someone else is using the hot water in one of the other bathrooms. Or laundry room. Or dishwasher. I hate trying to race and compete for hot water, everybody involves loses.

With a 40 gallon tank and a family of 7 living here, the hot water demands are great. Ever when the Weasels all leave the house for the day and I finally get to take my shower, I must choose to wash and condition my hair or shave my legs. There is never enough hot water to do both.

I need a long, hot, unencumbered, steamy shower. Preferably on a daily basis. I want silky hair and legs at the same time. I need a steady flow of penetrating heat to sooth my sore and tired muscles and relax me enough to carry the stresses of the day.

I need an endless hot water supply. I need a tank-less, continuous hot water heater.

Alas, I'm not holding my breath. My family has so many other needs that come before my own. Orthodontic apparatus, a fence, a paint job on the first floor of our home and a real deck to replace the one that I tried to burn down last summer, just to name a few.

Now all of you who kept reading while thinking this was going to be a dirty post, go wash your eyes out with soap.

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